Flipside Video Six “The Right To Be Wild, The Right To Be Free”

A lonely thing without a real or true story or without original source.

This tape starts out right to the point. As I have said I am finding these online because a lot of our Flipside material is all over the fucking place.

I am pulling it in or trying to collect it a bit. Giving our Intellectual Property a story of context and authentic experience. We at Flipside Fanzine did this all and it was fun but hard work.

More than copying a few video tapes or two… we went to the shows, taped the shows and hung out with the often wild and free punk players.

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine documenting a scene. A little more than being archived somewhere or someplace.

The greatest punk band around opens this video. We bring you D.O.A. with three of their greatest “Fucked Up Ronnie,” “Enemy,” “Burn It Down.” The O limp dick is the concert hall, watch out they might just burn a whole in your boob tube.

Now we’re proud to bring an acid trip… on us, take it with Sonic Youth. “Kill Your Idols,” and “We Want Out.” Maybe right out in your living room?? Who knows?? All filmed at the Mojave Desert.

And now at the Flashdance brings us Target Of Demand, live with two songs “Airhead” and “No.”

Oh where, oh where did my Love Canal roam, or where oh where can they be? Well, they were caught here live at Cornhuskers in Azusa, and boy were they loads of fun, a real ball of laughs. “Punk Is OUR Funk Is In,” is the song. Boo Hoo, I miss these guys boo hoo. Mini-Interview. (Al And Pete)

“Hey Bob What’s Up,” is the famous son from Pillsbury Hardcore. Live at the Sun Valley Sportsman’s Hall. Don’t you want to know what’s up??

The Stardust  brings us a dream live from the band Condemned To Death, with “Night of The Succubus,” It will suck the Life Force from you. So, remember to eat lots of garlic.

We love Wattie Boy oh yes, we do, we love you Wattie Boy and we’ll be true, when you are away, we’ll be blue, oh Wattie Boy we love you. “Alternatives” at the O limp dick. Mini interview back stage fun. (Al and Hudley)

The Flashdance again with Toxic Reasons “Do You Feel” and “No way Out.’ An overlooked band so give them a viewing, serious like.

More professional punks like the Stretch Marks are needed. They play “What Do you See” and “Another Tragedy” from Perkins.

The macho side of punk brings us Kraut with their very well-known hit, “Twisted.” At the O limp Dick.

Oh, Oh, Oh… Detox’s “Placydyl Polka” oh, oh, oh…. At the O limp dick… oh, oh, oh.

Two different clubs bring you the same band, yes, the wondrous and OCingest band called D.I. play “No War” and “Guns.” What do all these men have in common? Do you give up? Dicks!

That’s ALL FOLKS … da, da, da, daa…. Ptttttttt.

Sorry I am in the process of finding another YouTube copy of Flipside Video six…  if you have a copy and want to share, please do. It is my goal, of collecting and sharing my intellectual property as a need to preserve the history of Los Angeles Flipside at a place where the full story can be heard. Not just random videos dissected all over the place. I know collectors sell them for money and I know that people share them online… I am just asking that this video be presented in a way that I want … shit I did the hard work of gathering all this material, interviewing bands, going to endless shows, and cleaning up the equipment after shows. Part of a 3 to 4 Flipside Crew. Al, Pete, Gus, Hud (me) and sometimes Joy and Joe. A showcase with a story…   

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