Here are two vinyl fanzines Volume 1 and 2 through Flipside / Gasatanka.


Which band was on both Volume 1 and 2 ?

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In the process I came across some stuff I was doing that needs to be followed through with. So, I will do it now.

Here are the two vinyl fanzines vol. 1 and 2 through “Flipside / Gasatanka.” Mighty amazing at the time for a growing punk scene. I am grateful to the bands. The contributions to our fan base were well received and the promotion did not hurt either.

Working with Al and Bill was fun and I never quite knew where the boat was sailing but we ran a tight ship and got to shore. Then got these records on the deck for distribution.

A time when bands, fanzines, records labels and others worked together without big heads but instead with a real love of the music we supported in so many ways.

I did the layouts for the inserts and helped where I could with the more in-depth recording and promotional aspects of getting these out. And to the other artists and executives … thank you too, you know who you are. Lots of hands in the Flipside cookie jar.

Al and Bill were a dynamic duo to work with and, as the third fanatic, we three did good for the love of a punk scene. You are welcome even Black Market Baby is welcomed, though I don’t know why?

Dick wad….

Bands on vol. 1

Dickies “Gigantor (Live Cleveland Agoura)”

Government Issue “Religious Ripoff”

The Freeze “No One Is Ever Coming Home”

White Flag “Question of Intelligence”

Kraut “Floating with an E String”

F “Attack”

Plain Wrap “Meat Between the Treads”

Flag of Democracy “Madhouse”

TSOL “Suppose They Gave A War’’

Adrenalin O.D. “Me Three Bunch”

Scream “Fight”

Undead “In Eighty-Four”

F.U.S “Warlords (Live on WERS FM Boston)”

Black Market Baby “Total Waste”

Psycho “Master Race’”

Gay Cowboys in Bondage “Domestic Battlefield”

Borscht “Suburbia”

Anti Scrunti Faction “Big Woman”

Charged GBH “Give Me Fire (Live at Perkins Palace Pasadena)”

Bands on vol. 2

MIA “Just A Dream”

Decry “Island Paradise”

Out Patients “Backwards Explosion”

Naked Raygun “Metastasis”

Roach Motel “Mad Dog”

JFA “Out of School (Live)”

Massacre Guys “Let’s Forget”

Vagina Dentata “Golden Boys”

Plain Wrap “Magnetic Shoes”

D.I. “Johnny’s Got A Problem”

Misfits “Attitude (LIVE)”

Necros “Walking the DOG”

C2D “Aggressive System”

Iconoclast “Dominion or Destruction”

Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers “No Wordz”

Disorderly Conduct “How Old Are You”

Catatonics “Descending in “E””

Braille Party “Let It Burn”

Germs “Forming”

GKH “Dickermann”

Agent Orange “Shakin’ All Over”

Art above by Shawn Warcot below John Crawford.

Hudley Inserts…

Out Of School

DSC02005 Sick Vinyl..

A vinyl fanzine…

At this time in punk rock history of the 1980s… life was moving fast. Projects at every corner. This kept us running before the wild-fire of punk rock, which was a passion that could not be controlled. So many individuals’ hands were in the multitude of projects that it was hard to know who to thank and whose’ hand you should slap. It felt like being under a wave. We were overwhelmed! SO many wants, needs and desires geometrically multiplied with each day. Flipside vinyl fanzine Vol. 2 is a motif of that era.

A GASATANKA / Flipside production. 

DSC02006 John Crawford art.

 Interviewed by Bill Bartell / GASATANKA