The morning was savory

~Hudley Pic

Turkey à la king, cranberry sauce and rice is fucking better with butter.

The morning was reeking a son’s manipulative sweety-pieness. He had finished his health poster while we were gone the previous evening. Now he was in the kitchen helping mom with cooking. Chopping, seasoning and measuring out the rice and water. Throwing turkey bones in the trash as he said,

“Ah poor turkey!”

“We have all eaten and been eaten… in the scheme of things. We are all recycled star dust… pulled in and digested by a big black-hole.”

“Not necessarily…science sees it differently…black-holes are different from what you may think mom!”

We were having a good time. Left over turkey is fun to work with. Over the years Thanksgiving has mostly been over at husband’s or my family for dinner. It is nice to do as we please now!

Dark meat from legs and wings and a little white meat; leftover green onions, celery and curry spices were all included in our recipe. A little maple syrup for the next level in flavor. Son burnt his tongue on a tiny red dried pepper while seasoning the TURKEY À LA KING.

Along with also  making my hot coffee this morning son gets to go over to his friends today. We really need a break from each other. The morning was savory. Son succeeds in making mom happy!

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