Am I am an overwhelmed mama mantis?

I saw at least 6 children in a car alone for at least a half hour. I observed that they seemed despondent. I talked to the irresponsibly defensive adult who left them there when she came back to her car. I told her what I thought,

“Those kids should not be left alone in the car!!”

It was warm and the kids, I feel, should not be left alone that way. We were at a large parking lot. The adult was very defensive and called me names and my son a little fucker.

I got the license plate number and the make of the car. It was a brown, grey Mercedes.

I called the local police and the Los Angeles Child Abuse hotline.

Neither were interested in helping. The only bright idea that I was told is that I should have found the supermarket security and reported it to them.

My guts are bright red. I hope that somewhere those kids are a lot safer now than when I found them.

I did all I could do. I feel pissed… I wish more could be done… now.

2 thoughts on “Am I am an overwhelmed mama mantis?

  1. It’s hard when you see things like that – how long have they been there? How much longer will they be there? Who do you call etc I think you did the right thing.

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