I was influenced, inspired, and shaken-up by these Punk gals. Late 1970 and 1980s.

Times like these, during a pandemic, my cave is a place of visions. I am seeing their faces today. The impression they made on me. Punk women and the days of falling into the punk realm.

“Sallie Sallie was a punk monster. She had loud make-up. She was crazy and unpredictable. Waiting at a stop light in my car across from the Whisky a Go Go, Sallie Sallie jumped on the front of my red VW Squareback. She wiggled, going spastic. I secretly loved her and wanted to be her close friend. She soon disappeared from the punk scene. As I said it seems many faded out as new punks came into the punk scene.”


Bear in warm water SAUNA

Donna Rhia (Becky Barton) drove me around to shows. Jill Masters let me crash at her apartment next to the Whisky A Go Go. Hanging at the Masque as the Go Go’s practiced. Going to forbidden parties, such as when Hellin Killer got back from the UK, or hearing Lorna Doom’s comforting drole when Darby wined. Phranc as she showed me her collection of miniature things around her apartment.

The girls of the Middle Class. Dancing to Question Mark and the Mysterians at Hollywood Towers while sucking on lemons with Gabi Berlin. Observing as some punk chick dyed her hair black at the Canterbury apartments. Lois with long red hair like the song Red Rubber Ball who lived in Whittier California. Kat Talley-Jones egging me on and trying to tell me how to spell. I was a naïve fledgling punk journalist.

Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine had Punk Women grace it’s covers too.

My focus is who they were. Fearful, excited, and now addicted I had no ambitions but to melt with the punks I identified with. I am highlighting them today.

I was not popular and just filled space. Yet never did I imagine I would live to reflect on these women in my cave while bear snickers over there in his warm water SAUNA during a pandemic.

Kira Roessler and her rain boots as she walked out of the Whisky A Go Go..

I was influenced, inspired, and shaken-up by these gals.

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Songs we listened to on drives to a free San Fransisco… 1979

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