Prednisone Rape…

Western medicine shines when it comes to treating acute conditions that require immediate intervention. The job of the heart specialists, the cardiologists and cardiac surgeons is to “fix the pump” that moves the blood, with its life-giving oxygen and nutrients, throughout the body. Western medicine doesn’t recognize the concept of prana, the Sanskrit term for life-energy that rides on the wave of the breath.

~Unveiling Sophia; Heart Wisdom In An Age of Technology by Anne Elizabeth Taylor

“A flash of lightning. Dionysus visible in emerald beauty.

~ Dithyrambs of Dionysus by Nietzsche

I have passed this and life is better. Yet this randomness happened as my initiation in and then out of the underworld. I feel it is important to share this again and affirm the positive of a negative . How strange life is and how powerful is our psyche. And though my throat remembers this time of the year when it all began. I can manage the tightness and know the truth. My journey from darkness to light.

This is an on going post about my visit to the underworld and how I survived.

The doctor in ER miss diagnosed my illness. I was having an asthma attack, yet he had me down as having pneumonia. He gave me prednisone and an antibiotic. I took it for a week.

Yet before this in ER the Albuterol treatment handled the situation. I was feeling sick and trusted the doctor.

Maybe it was all the pollutants from the Woolsey fire, maybe it was the smoke from the kids and their party with awesome BBQ. I was sick and got worse. 4/15/19 was the date and I am still lingering in the land of side effects.

At first, I could not swallow much. I put myself on a liquid diet.  I told my doctors I cannot swallow. I told them how the drug went through my body like a freight train. Then they prescribed me big pills to swallow? I looked to alternative healing for answers because Kaiser does not listen to people with side effects. I lost 30 pounds in two months. I slowly started to eat mashed avocado, salt crackers and smoked salmon.

Then I when to an all vegetarian diet. I was so malnourished that currently I have found out that I am very anemic. Yet this was due to having a new set of drugs Sucralfate and Protonix. I have been through 4 doctors who rolled their eyes and ignored my side effects.   

Researching Sucralfate and Protonix I found that though they are only meant to be used for short periods of time for ulcers, esophagus problems, GERD, they have a notorious problem of making people anemic.

My new doctor is fairly good, yet he did not tell me this. He wanted to see why I was bleeding. He even used the C word. To scare me even more. Yet after an endoscopy and colonoscopy on the same day they could find nothing wrong with me. An endless conversation of asking my doctor questions.

Mostly wondering why, I already knew the answers before I asked him. Like squeezing a lemon, it was. He was slow to give me answers or confirm common research.  

Then he wanted to have me swallow a horse pill with a camera in it to check out my guttiwuts. I almost fell for that one. Being that swallowing is not one of my favorite things these days. I freaked out and said no when I found out that if the pill gets stuck, they will have to perform surgery. More drugs more problems.

I was given an Iron pill which made me hyper and gave me the hives. So, I stopped taking that.

Now that I am free of drugs, I want to give my body some time to recover from the drugs. Which helped generally but in the long run made things much worse.

I am honestly afraid to take drugs due to the side effects and the fact that Kaiser Doctors don’t seem to hear me when I tell them how I have suffered.

Prednisone was rape. I was taken down to the underworld. I slowly climbed out. Since then I had two cataracts. The year before I never had any noticeable issues of cataracts.

If I had anemia, I think the Sucralfate and Protonix blocked my ability to absorb Iron. This amplified my anemia.  Also, many other nutrients from my needy body. I now have restless leg syndrome, can’t sleep and I hate to think what this is doing to my hypertension, my blood sugar and cholesterol.  

A perfect time for the doctors at Kaiser to take more blood. So, they can find other ways to give me more drugs, more side effects … my body needs a break.  

Time to study my alternative medicine again. Yes, back to the books of wisdom. Before I move forward with Kaiser.

We need to be awakened to these realities and our heath care system needs to awakened too!

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