Raven Man


I have worked with the Medicine Wheel since I turned 13. I study from a depth psychological perspective based on Carl Jung. Sometimes it takes years to understand a symbol. Sometimes it takes time to learn a lesson.

Raven has come to visit. This has not been the first time. Last year on a trip to Arizona to check out colleges for our son we noticed a raven following us. His image popped up at the funniest places. Then at a strange little restaurant coffee shop on our way home close to dusk I saw a sparse tree. We were in the desert, yet this tree was tall and on top was Raven calling loudly. I went to take a picture, yet Raven was gone.

I also earlier found Raven in a tree on campus where my son was considering going to college. He disappeared as soon as I went to take his picture again. I am not imagining this for if you ask both my husband and son, they will tell you the same story.

Now again two Ravens are here at my home this mid spring. Seems they may be nesting. They talk a lot and like to dive bomb. They seem to want to be noticed.

This afternoon I had a dream of a Raven Man. He has long braided pig tails in front and long black hair behind him. He has a black mask that covers his eyes. He has leather moccasin boots and leather cloth pants that have laced leather up the sides.

He asked me to bring forward some of my stories where Raven had visited. He said maybe it is time to finally make that Hiawatha Wampum belt or said I could buy one and support a local Native American tribe. Do your research and show Raven you hear his call?

Awake, I decided to follow through with my dream. I put some cat food and whole peanuts out for the two Ravens.

Years ago, I had a dream where two large black birds were flying at night and merged to make a powerful star in the sky. From that star light shone down as I looked up and saw a crescent moon and heard singing. I made a medicine stick inspired from that dream when I was in my twenties. Now turning 62 I still have the medicine stick near my hearth. It was nice to reflect upon it again in deep respect and longing for meaning. Maybe these two Ravens have something to share?

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