Their motivations aren’t human

Alexander Leek: You know the buildup of energy before something happens? How hair stands up before lighting strikes?  

John Klein: Right, “before something happens”. Do you mean, do you mean that they cause disasters?  

Alexander Leek: No! Why would they need to?  

John Klein: Alright, then. Are they — Are they trying to warn me?  

Alexander Leek: Their motivations aren’t human.  

John Klein: Alright, then. What do they want?  

Alexander Leek: I have no idea. What you really want is to know — why you?  

~The Mothman Prophecies (film) Quotes

While watching the film The Fourth Kind about alien abductions in Nome, Alaska in 2000. I held up my new Mothman t-shirt in front of my youngest son.

“A gift to myself,” I said.  

“I see,” said Shayne.  

Then I turned around because I heard a voice on the TV. I then remembered the actor’s face. He plays Gordon Smallwood who has an ongoing relationship with Indrid Cold.

The film I am referring to is The Mothman Prophecies. In the film The Fourth Kind he plays a sheriff in the town of Nome, Alaska.   I said with excitement.  

“Wow imagine that. I held up the Mothman t-shirt as Gordon was speaking.”  

Even if it is just actors pretending to be people who really had these real-life based extraterrestrial experiences it can still amplify as a real synchronicity experience, I said a real experience to me.  

So now I got that strange, buzzed UFO feeling coming over me again. I must realize and say to myself,  

“Their motivations aren’t human.”

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