“Retinue from Spirit and Light”

Hildegard had a mysterious vision of choirs of angels

Being a religious study major I have stumbled upon some interesting books and libraries. Many of my books set upon my bookshelf collecting dust. They call me and reveal more to me over the years.  Yesterday was the winter solstice. It was nice to feel inspiration to study from one of the most interesting books in my Religious Studies experience.  A quote from the Nag Hammadi library.

It is The Sophia of Jesus Christ that caught my attention again. The quote that revealed itself to me is a very mind-expanding perspective about the Christian or Gnostic creation story.

I think the quote does challenge the dogma of Christianity today. The Sophia of Jesus Christ is not spoken of very much. First off it includes Mary as one of the Apostles. Also, it says something about Christ that is very modern and remarkable. In this chapter Christ is talking to his apostles as they ask him questions, she answers them.

“I want you to know that first man is called Begetter, self-perfect Mind, He reflected with Great Sophia his consort and revealed his first begotten androgynous son. His male name is designated First Begetter son of God; his female name First Begettress Sophia Mother of the Universe. Some call her love. Now first begotten is called Christ, since he has authority form his father, he created a multitude of Angels without number for retinue from Spirit and Light”


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