How does a Liar sound?

Deceits abound here and there. Why does a person, place or thing need to build on untruth about another or spread a falsehood to build their self-image? It happens all the time. Does one youthfully or carelessly speak up and address the untruths?

To make an untrue statement with intent is meant to deceive. A bold lie creates chaos because there is the truth always echoing its good shadow which blocks the profanity. 

To step back and let the fates do their work is good. Our ancient “Weird Sisters” are wonderful at unspinning lies in time as destiny.

So, whether it is a person, place or thing that moves in the world of the sinister causing clouds of chaos ~so be it. The noun knows it libels and many times others see this too. In time the truth will prevail in this world or comfortably in a single person’s rewarded soul.

I am addressing a little trouble of a few untruths I have found. I am going to make a random pick from a book. Which means, I go to a book address the issue to the book and then open to a page and see what it says? The first true paragoge that beholds my soul.

A paragraph from one of the Black Books by CG Jung will guide my focus.

I learned this synchronicity technique from Francis of Assisi. One year I visited the Poor Clare’s and adjoining Franciscan Brothers back on one of my journeys on the east coast New York around 1990. I am not sure I learned it from them. Maybe I was inspired by a biography about Francis of Assisi.

I do not shy away from the holy, sacred, or any Promethean fire so here goes.

Book 3 from CG Jung The Black Books

December 30, 1913 – January 14, 1914

Izd. Surprised. Who are these misshapen ones, are these your comrades?

These are not men, they are (72/73) relics of the past which one occasionally encounters. They used to be very important, they’re now used mostly as shepherds.

Izd. (“) What a wonderous country!”

Over there I see a town. I had better avoid it. There could be a crowd gathering.  

Izd. Don’t you want to go to this town?  

No, the enlightened live there. They’re actually dangerous, since they cook the strongest poisons from which even we must protect ourselves. But you need not worry, night has almost fallen and no one will see us. I know a remote farmhouse here. I have close friends there who will take us in for the night.

Pg. 129. (v.3)

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