A proposal to myself…Square dancing in a square room foresight…

On a new trail..

I try and walk around the block each day. Youngest son listens to me jabber jaw. Today it hit me as it has in the past. I research up the yin yang. There are grants, sponsorships, and other means of acquiring funds to do a documentary. They are the women in rock or journalism and the endless webinars that give out information but charge a fee. Yes, I fall back on a founder of the original Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine, Larry Lash, who says, “We just did it… no one else was.” So, even though I respect all the research and insights I have danced with… I think I will continue to do a documentary my way, the DIY way or Flipside way. Learning as I go and walking down a new path. I mean marketing and proposals are fun things to do. It gets one all organized and looking crossed eyed. But this documentary begins as a creation story, morphing into the next Flipside Video. A narrative close to my heart. Sold as a single CD or something… or streamed online for a little fee. I know I must raise some money for a few items. Like a certain video camera & bundle I am drooling over and some cool editing software. Which suits me fine. I can do fundraising here right on my WordPress site, in my cave, right next to the sleeping cats and my Praying Mantis tree outside.

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