Selfless love is a sin …

Tyrone Power

“Self forgetting virtue is an unnatural alienation from one’s own essence which is thus deprived of redemption.

It is a sin to deliberately alienate the other from his self by means of one’s own virtuousness.

This sin rebounds on us.

It is submission enough, amply enough, if we subjugate ourselves to our self. 

The work of redemption is always first to be done on ourselves . This work cannot be done withou love for ourselves. 

Selfless love is a sin, because it is not true. We can never abandon our self, or else we will abandon our work of redemption.

But we also should not use the other for our own alleged redemption. The other is no ladder for our feet. (91/92]


It is necessary that we go into ourselves every day to reestablish the connection with the self. Through constant outward living we lose the self and through this we also become secretly selfish in our best endeavors.

What we neglect in ourselves blends itself secretly into our actions toward others.

Through uniting with the self we reach the God, who unites heaven and hell in himself.

The self is not God, although we reach the God through the self.”

  • 239 [v.5], The Black Books, Carl Gustav Jung
The Marriage of Heaven & Hell / Image by William Blake

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