Write a Letter

My letter to the Politicians is something I wrote up when politicians send me their many letters for gathering money for their campaigns. Meant to be a humorous antidote but also saying something important at the same time. I need money in running a small business. Isn’t that the same as campaigning for a cause?

I have sent out many of my letters. Sometimes a few times to the same politicians. I never got a response until today.

I started to write postcards for swing states. It is fun to join in and help spread the word and try and influence votes through opinion and with good intent.

I made up what I called my Strong Women Series on Postcards. One was of Stacy Abrams. Now she is running for Governor in Georgia. I thought she might need some of these postcards. So, I got in all together with a letter to send.

I went to my local Post Office where my P.O Box is located.

I mailed off my little package with glee to the Abrams campaign, yes with a monetary donation.

Then I went to check my P.O Box. I had a retrieve postcard for a package. I went back to wait in line for my unknown package.

Not a clue who, from Washington DC, would be sending me a first-class do not bend large envelope to Hudley.

So, it was a real happy moment that in a moments time that two of my favorite politicians would cross ways by way of letters.

Yes, I did send Joe one of my standard letters. Damn it he did respond. He did not ask for money either. Wow my heart is so happy!

Reminds me years ago when my oldest son was about 3. He painted a wonderful rainbow for me. So, I sent a copy of the painting to Bill Clinton with a political ideal letter too. Thoughts that I shared with him in high regard.

He also wrote me back with a very similar letter.

The only two presidents who wrote me back.

In my life I have written lots of letters to all kinds of people. It is always nice when I get a response. But most times I don’t.

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