I do, Miss Opossum

“Despite its appearance, the opossum is not related to the rat. In fact, the opossum is a marsupial, or “pouched” mammal, and is therefore related to other marsupials such as the kangaroo and the koala. Like kangaroos and koalas, infant opossums stay inside the mother’s pouch to nurse and develop. The opossum holds the distinction of being North Americas’ only marsupial.”

I hope I am found in my backyard garden under a lovely bush under the train of fence that is continuous for our clever wild animals. I have heard mama racoon back there purring with her young babes, I have watched as Miss Opossum emerged during the day with a coat of babes holding onto her.
I have watched Raven bite squirrel’s tail back on the fence and above birds adorn our backyard as hummingbirds and singing birds of every kind. Sometime Owl visits us. Hawk not so much anymore since our neighbors have cut down their old trees.
I hope I am found with ants in chaos over my body as I lie in the forfeitures of the earth as nature devours me in all ways possible.
I wrapped the wild animal in an old blanket we had outdoors that I had just washed. I placed Miss Opossum in a box with two yellow flowers and some blue flowered fragrant rosemary that the bees let me share and closed the recycled cardboard box.
I called the city and scheduled a time for pick up.
I hope I die in my backyard as Miss Opossum has. One of my favorite places in the world.
Under wild Dionysian Hollyhocks and bees humming around me as ants devour me.
Miss Opossum now is with her ancestors as her body is left behind.
I will miss you… I hope I will be missed too someday and appreciated as much as I do, Miss Opossum.