Life: It is about the gift not the package it comes in.  ~Dennis P. Costea, Jr.

He is the ultimate trophy whore too!!

Mr. Fuck does not bowl, play football, kickass in soccer or shoot the moon…he is a poseur for the dames!!


Double Arrogant Bastard with Santa…


‘Twas the fucking night

Before a fucking glorious and righteous holiday…

And all through the fucking dump

Not a fucking creature was fucking stirring

Not even a fucking rat…

The cigarette butts lined up with no care

In hopes that his fucking lighter

Would instantly light the butts there…

Squatting in a cardboard fucking box

Cozy and warm…


What to his fucking ears

Did he hear?

But a sound of a drunken Santa

Walking down his alley

With a couple of glass-tinkling beers…

“Hey Santa could your spare

This old fucking punk a drink?”

“Yes sir I’ve two left…”

SO they stood in the alley

Fucking Santa wobbling a lot

Mr. Fuck laughing

The beers he fucking drank up…

Then he put Santa in a Taxi

Sending him home to his fucking Penthouse apartment …

Waving good-bye out the back taxi window… Santa yelled,

“Fucking merry glorious and righteous holiday to all!!!

Bitchin’ and out-of-sight!!



Scar tissue and Brom Bones..

Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.
Henry Rollins

Comic relief is good for you...
Comic relief is good for you…


FLOPSIDE COMICS include the adventures of Mr Fuck and his family. These are cartoons made for adult punkx.. or people with a toilet paper sense of humor…not for the boring or uptight..enjoy… Mr Fuck was born with a figure on his right hand, I think, that is constantly erected. Poor soul was born that way.  I like him cause he is a shadowy nice guy. Reminds me of some of the punk guys I have known or know. He is sweet at times. The word fuck is a lively part of his vocabulary. He smokes too much!!!

Also being resurrected are Doomis Day and Roonsky Cat. The Punk chick and cat that are a bit out of time and space. Where the Ghetto Blaster was an item to have!!!