City Baby from Highgate to Hawaii, Life and GBH by Ross Lomas

Ross Lomas From Charged GBH in Hollywood 1982 ? Flipsude Pictures by Hudley

Ross early 1980s at the Tropicana Hollywood !! Photo by Al Flipside.

For all of you Charged GBH Fans…

Published on 2013/07/23

 A punk band of the highest integrity… !!

I ordered this book directly from the publisher, Ignite Books. They call themselves a “small, fiercely independent publisher.” My book arrived promptly and in great shape. With all my years dealing with mail, locally and international, it was a quick quid pro quo. I am impressed. Opening this mailed package from Oxford UK was a gift of extreme enjoyment. Holding the paperback book sent chills down my spine. I smelled it…it had the new awesome smell of vinyl and fresh newsprint . I use to have an addiction to the smell of new records… the depth of vinyl, and also the smell of fresh newsprint off the press.  I always read the beginning and the end of a new book. Now I am ready for the gutty-wuts of this book.

The three of us can sit somewhere and not say a word to each other. {Jock, Colin of GBH} I can go round Colin’s and just sit there for an hour and neither of us will need to say a word. I can go out for a drink with Jock and we’ll get a pint and sit there and say nothing, and it’s fine. And there’s very very few people I feel that comfortable with, where I know them that well I can be in their company and be silent, and not start freaking out….

This is Ross Lomas’s autobiography with a little Charged GBH on the side.

He is interviewed by Steve Pottinger .

I am going to enter the world of Ross and read his stories. I think I will take this book slow, ya know, a little at a time.





A blissful hud


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