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1978- Los Angeles Flipside # 10 Photo Al Flipside.

“When you’ve jumped the fence into the bath

we will understand if you have the last laugh.

Just as things seem as they were before,

down with the field up with the air conditioner.”

~GBH Forbidden Zone.

 “A flash of lightning. Dionysus becomes visible in emerald beauty.”

~ Pg. 65 Dithyrambs of Dionysus / Friedrich Nietzsche 

No longer a forbidden zone, it once was a dark night when the rains came with lightning and took our Football kitty away from us. Was it the hole in the fence and the neighbor’s German Shepherd? Was it the nasty drug dealer now gone due to the dumb bloke being taken away by the police? Or was it an alien mutation … it sure looked like one. If you do not know what I mean look it up? Finally, it could have been the other side fence that is also now new. It was replaced a couple of years ago. A jump over by local twister trickster coyote? Coyote told me this,

“Nope not me.”

What was once a forbidden zone is not forbidden anymore.

This autumn has its forbidden zones. I must be honest my once explored forbidden zones have become zones of good fruits of wonder.

I am turned on because a hearty harvest has come in. It feels good. Here are some projects I’ve been part of. Here is the harvest…

Where The Wild Gigs Were –~ Tim Hinely & Friends, HoZac Books.

Shipping Now: WHERE THE WILD GIGS WERE – A Trip Thru America’s Underground Music Venues BOOK by Tim Hinely & Friends

New Wave Chicken, Steve Hart, Art Issue, Fluke Publishing,

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FORBIDDEN BEATS S.W. Lauden, out on Rare Bird Books.

I must say the “wheeling and dealing” is fun and sometimes hope filled activating. A learning experience. Contributing in a new way I am like our new red western cedar dog ear fence.

I am shining from the inside out.

The back door man is not someone I deal with … it is all up and up now.

It is amazing when a major film company takes the time to mail you an original designed t-shirt. It feels nice to be valued and treated with respect.

So, the new fence got some dirt, mulch and a couple of lavender plants.

Universal Pictures Feature Production, Universal Pictures is in production on a theatrical horror motion picture by Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us). NOPE

Tito Larriva Los Plugs. Oct/8/2021 Origin ID-AHCA Alex Bovaird t-shirt.

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City Baby from Highgate to Hawaii, Life and GBH by Ross Lomas. One of my most popular posts in ten years…

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

City Baby from Highgate to Hawaii, Life and GBH

Ross Lomas From Charged GBH in Hollywood 1982 ? Flipsude Pictures by Hudley

This is a edited edition of this review originally included in NEW WAVE CHICKEN Fanzine Volume 6

I always knew that it was blind ambition, intuition and lack of experience which brought all of us punk rockers together. A magical musical continuity of anger and emotional explosions!

The guys from my youthful punk days are always with me. They have made such an impression on my life. At the time I had something to offer them too. A Fanzine was a way to meet the bands. A way for punkers to promote their bands and communicate with their fans. As a journalist I had a lot to offer these youthful punks.

I loved every second and I took their attention to heart. A “wildfire” of creativity, freedom, and rebellion. In the 1980s it was a tight scene backstage. I became intimate with many of the players. This is the world in which I met Ross.

It was some 20 years later, around 2004, a lot of my punk memories came back to me. In the 1990s I suppressed these memories, due to having babies and going back to university. My blood resurrected these memories in powerful dreams and walking reflections of regret.

At that time, I had a recurring dream about GBH touring in Kansas City. This Birmingham UK band has traveled throughout the United States more than most US Citizens.

Anyway, in my dream they get pulled into danger by a tornado. Yet regardless they play the large auditorium show filled with punks. When I heard the song Stormchaser on their Punk Junkies CD, I was excited to hear it because the song now heightens my dream.

I was also thrilled and proud to find out that Ross was coming out with a book. After 2009 a punk rock nostalgia exploded in the world. Ross’s book was just at the beginning of this strange nostalgia. I ordered the book internationally and it was at the house within the week.

I love the honesty of Ross’s memoir. He outlines the early punk scene to the present time, and he correlates this to his life. Ross does not shy away from anything; the heights of joy to the depth of depression; as it was for many of us punks, it was a matter of the right ‘time and place’ for falling into the punk scene. The same goes for Ross getting into a band like GBH. It’s all about a bass guitar and a young punk.

Innocence resonates throughout Ross’s book. From his years as British youth to years later finding love in Hawaii. Ross echoes his mistakes, and regrets. He also tells the story of integrity as a punk with a solid underground identity.  I surprisingly read that (Charged) GBH shunned MTV because they would not kiss ass; and ignored Metallica because they were heavy metal long hairs.

As any acid trip, Ross had one that defines the bravery of a generation. A creative, awake and musically inspired underground generation!

City Baby, from Highgate to Hawaii…life and GBH. has had reprints since 2013. A popular book that is a hell of a lot of fun to read too. The book is becoming a punk classic and is as unique as Ross. I vote for him, the ambassador of PUNK ROCK!

Taken from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Issue # 50, GBH Interview and pictures by “O” RIP.

Images: Reprint of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary issue (Replica) Paperback, The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing / Hudley Flipside

i will always love gbh