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Agent Hudley Flipside

“Who finked on me, how did they find out and why did I ever confess to such a thing….?”

Not for sale yet is part of my personal collection please do not share. Image /Copy from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. Courtesy of Hudley Flipside


It is a good time for tarot card readings. They tell me to sit back and reflect on nostalgia.

Pleasant Gehman’s tarot card reading site on Facebook is a good read every day to help me groove into a knowing place. Also, Doug Fitzsimmons and Jula Bell Liebi shared an image by Raymond Pettibon on Facebook. It got me grooving on more than a record. Got me thinking about something that happened years ago when Raymond Pettibon and Henry Rollins were pretty much unknown punks moving in an underground punk scene.

As for all the nerd collectors all over the place I am looking for a flyer that SST put out. That would make solid one of the funniest things that happened to me, “as one who caused considerable trouble.” Yet in truth we all caused considerable trouble. And we all bumped up against each other. Yet I thought I never heard of any nattiness from Raymond Pettibon he was always a gentleman I never heard a peep from him. Only his loudness by way of his humorous, sarcastic, and real art.

I have written about this before and mentioned something about it in my book. Yet it came forth and that is usually a sign to me to think about it again and share. Also, I would really like to find a copy of that flyer that SST put out. What it said in general was…

“….. and they hate the LAPD… and HUD….”

Hud is me. So, I remember reading it while driving to the Santa Monica Civic for a show. GBH and Black Flag were playing. The wind was strong with the whisper of,

“Did you hear Henry is looking for you, screaming for you Hud. He wants to kick your ass.”

I was amused but I remember why he would be mad. Seems we came out with an issue of Flipside and their new LP advertisement was in the issue. Slip It In. The cover being an original Raymond P.

Tracking back before the show. I was waiting around as we were going through the issue. Editing and going over the final details. I would often get bored. So, this is when I started to do my doodles in the issues. I was listening to ZoundZ when I did this doodle. ZoundZ – Subvert

I thought the cover was sexist and sick, so I did a subvert action at my work. I put a sharpie pen mustache on the art of the LP right before publication. Not thinking anyone would notice. Really for my own private satisfaction.

A pleasure that keeps on giving…

Funny thing they could dish it out but could not take it back… little boy Henry was blocked backstage from kicking my ass. Charged GBH were there to tell him to fuck off.

Yet what really only being a joke among friends was bent into a loss of the intimacy of the underground punk scene. I knew Raymond, Black Flag, and the Los Angeles Scene and beyond much longer than Henry. With this new element a big coldness was felt in the punk scene. Something was lost for me.

I guess some day I hope to see a little more humor than anger pertaining to this story. It is what disillusioned me the most towards the punk scene. I guess that is the motto of this story. It is a punk rock folk tale. Yet finding the flyer would make it more foundational.

Muse Of Memory




1981 punk shot

I am cleaning up and organizing all my stuff from 5 different places into a few plastic containers. Pictures, art, writing and miscellaneous important stuff. The Punk Rock stuff goes somewhere special too. Here is a miscellaneous punk shot from 1981… we had a multitude of images like this in the Flipside office. Along with a multitude of T-shirts,  I should have saved them all.

Well here is one image.

1981 Hudley
Dead Cities EURO-Tour 1981

City Baby from Highgate to Hawaii, Life and GBH by Ross Lomas. One of my most popular posts in ten years…

City Baby from Highgate to Hawaii, Life and GBH

Ross Lomas From Charged GBH in Hollywood 1982 ? Flipsude Pictures by Hudley
Ross early 1980s at the Tropicana Hollywood !! Photo by Al Flipside.

(I did this Review  for NEW WAVE CHICKEN NUMBER 6).

I always knew that it was blind ambition, intuition and lack of experience which brought all of us punk rockers together. A magical musical continuity of anger and emotional explosions!

The guys from my youthful punk days are always with me. They have made such an impression on my life. At the time I had something to offer them too. A Fanzine was a way to meet the bands. A way for punkers to promote their bands and communicate with their fans. As a journalist I had a lot to offer these youthful punks. I loved every second and I took their attention to heart. A “wildfire” of creativity, freedom, and rebellion. In the 1980s it was a tight scene backstage. I became intimate with many of the players. This is the world in which I met Ross.

It was some 20 years later, around 2004, a lot of my punk memories came back to me. In the 1990s I suppressed these memories, due to having babies and going back to university. My blood resurrected these memories in powerful dreams and walking reflections of regret.

At that time, I had a recurring dream about GBH touring in Kansas City. This Birmingham UK band has traveled throughout the United States more than most US Citizens. Anyway, in my dream they get pulled into danger by a tornado. Yet regardless they play the large auditorium show filled with punks. When I heard the song Stormchaser on their Punk Junkies CD, I was excited to hear it because the song now heightens my dream.

I was also thrilled and proud to find out that Ross was coming out with a book. After 2009 a punk rock nostalgia exploded in the world. Ross’s book was just at the beginning of this strange nostalgia. I ordered the book internationally and it was at the house within the week.

I love the honesty of Ross’s memoir. He outlines the early punk scene to the present time, and he correlates this to his life. Ross does not shy away from anything; the heights of joy to the depth of depression; as it was for many of us punks, it was a matter of the right ‘time and place’ for falling into the punk scene. The same goes for Ross getting into a band like GBH. It’s all about a bass guitar and a young punk.

“…It’s a difficult balance, seeming keen without looking desperate. Reminding people, you’re there without getting on their tits. And I guess I must have got it about right, because after a few months, when Sean left, Jock phoned me up and asked me if I fancied joining the band. You up for that, Ross? They needed a new bassist…” ~ Pg. 48

Innocence resonates throughout Ross’s book. From his years as British youth to years later finding love in Hawaii. Ross echoes his mistakes, and regrets. He also tells the story of integrity as a punk with a solid underground identity.  I surprisingly read that (Charged) GBH shunned MTV because they would not kiss ass; and ignored Metallica because they were heavy metal long hairs.

As any acid trip, Ross had one that defines the bravery of a generation. A creative, awake and musically inspired underground generation!

“… This went on for hours. More and more of the same. It was incredibly intense. God and Jimi and Anne Carpenter and the devil and the fucking taxi driver, fighting over my soul right up to the point I passed out in exhaustion…’ ~ Pg. 121

City Baby, from Highgate to Hawaii…life and GBH. has had reprints since 2013. A popular book that is a hell of a lot of fun to read too. The book is becoming a punk classic and is as unique as Ross. I vote for him, the ambassador of PUNK ROCK!

“…rushing for a pint of Guinness, and even then, they don’t really seem to help. This is just a flesh wound. And it’s on my picking hand, which somehow has two working fingers, which means I can play bass. So, no. I won’t go to hospital. I’ll play punk instead.” ~ Pg. 240

New wave chicken out now
Volume Seven

Taken from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine Number 50 GBH Interview and pictures by Al Flipside (Images: Reprint of Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine # 54 Ten Year Anniversary issue (Replica) Paperback, Hudley Flipside and The Seminary of Praying Mantis Publishing. )