imageA knock at the door. I open the computer room window and say, “hello?”

“Hi are you sick of all the bugs around you, like ants,” said the young saleswoman?

“No, I have a bio dynamic garden where my garden is in balance with nature.”

“Don’t you hate bugs crawling on you?”

“I don’t mind them crawling on me. In fact, when we die they will win in the end.”

“Yes that may be true.”

“It has taken me many years to reach this balance, and I don’t want to use any form of pesticides in my environment.”

“Well this is my job.”

“You could find a better job, like solar energy or organic companies?”

“Maybe but this is my job. I want to keep it. WE all have to work.”

“Ya know, if it wasn’t for trees and bugs, WE, most likely would not have a very good life. A healthy garden is so important for the world we live in.”

“Well, this is my job, right,” she said happily.

“OK … your karma too.”

“I guess so.”

“Have a nice day.”

The young saleswoman was laughing as she said “you too!”

As a crone who loves her environment with a passion, I feel it is always my place to let a young woman know about life.

I love all sorts of things that creep and crawl in my garden.

No fucking pesticides. I want lots of healthy bugs in my garden like: bees, ants, butterflies, worms, flies, water bugs, lady bugs and the mighty praying mantis.