Scene Photo Punk DC

Punk The Capital documentary sent photo ! A little on the rough side but the sentimentality goes along with it! Got it in the mail today!

Alex Mac Kaye, Untouchables 1979 Madams Organ – Paul Bishow

Flipside Fanzine # 39: 1983. No Trend end of interview, Kraut Image, Faith /Alec MACKAY (the way he told us to spell it), Kraut and part of Government Issue) (Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine #54 Ten Year Anniversary Issue )

Editorial after the fact…

I am still working through this…. I was tagged to this, and I still need to address this… until I feel content. Suffice it to say. I was edited out of this documentary and replaced by Black Market Baby’s Boyd Farrell. He read an obscure letter from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine. Which we printed up. Making a good point but really replaced my interview edited out. The format for the documentary was glued together by what I presented at my interview.  

The format for this documentary is ripped off totally from my ideas and seeing my edited-out interview would make this self-evident. The only part of my “KFJC Radio tapes” used, I gave them for interviewing Ian and Alex MacKaye, was of Al Flipside. As a woman of the early punk scene, this documentary is great.   Yet it has the smell of “The Big Boys Club” …. I now see the punk world through the lens ‘as a colleague,” instead of “as a friend,” and license (written contract) everything I do with most anyone in the punk scene.  

Unless my hard work is just taken without any consideration. Then I am forced to negotiate. Assholes do show their ugliness here too. Last documentary I will ever do with anyone. The whole thing popped my good memories of those people… because they let it happen. Cowards and ruthless acquaintances. Their so-called straight edge integrity is a bit of a joke to me now. My signed CD copies of the documentary do not wipe away the real disloyalty or pain I feel.  

As one who supported these people and included them in Los Angeles Flipside fanzine, our records, and live videos. It is important to me to show that even the holy holy DC boys have a shadowy side. They contributed to marginalizing, patronizing and ignoring me. This shows you a part of themselves that others do not see. I experienced it. It makes me feel whole to address the truth. I feel better. I still am waiting for an honest loud apology.