Pewter and chess books.

“I bet if a terrible happening occurred and we had to take things and run for cover, you would go after your chess books instead of me”

” Ha, ha, ha I would not!”

thCA2LFR88sunday morning garage sale. Kids are making some dough on the side. You might not notice it, but the other day I was looking at some houses for sale a few miles from here. Something bigger and closer to a good high school for son. On I found almost all of the houses foreclosed. It was disturbing to see.


Pewter bowl and pewter small knives and one fork. Pewter mugs among other things.

“Good Morning, how much is this?”

Sabtain is a wheeler and dealer. He starts high and stays high , but is generous to a flaw with his  bilingual style . The rest being blind to his skilful speaking tongue.

Munching on snacks and clouds forming over head. Today is not going to be warm. Bees buzzing over the crawling rosemary as young men bond.  Waiting to sell that large box of multiform and many-colored  legos for 300 bucks.

The glee in their childhood eyes  was once bright while handling their legos projects, but this has transformed into master minding the strategic moves of the card game Magic.  The money made here today is for new cards which they have already purchased in their minds.


“What is papa thinking?”

“I’m just reading this book.”

“How about selling some of your chess books at the garage sale?”

“No way, we need an airplane hangar so I can have more!”

“I am lucky you do not collect women as you do chess books!”

The pewter is not selling today. Maybe it wants to stay and maybe the strange cloud hovering over the young men is grandmother who once acquired this pewter through her best friend.  Grandmother eventually ended up  marrying her best friend’s husband. She acquired a whole bunch of stuff too besides a husband.

Laughter, stories and good friends. Sales are low; guessing that everyone is still at church.

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