Celebrating a new valence, Celebrating today my scorching bliss !

purification of pumpkin and a pomegranate, from my collection !

Looking through my studies and my progressive astrological chart I realized I have made it through my second Saturn return.  Along with being a Crone I can now say that I am an official Senior Citizen. I deny everything about what our culture says about being one too! I embrace it wholeheartedly. It is an accomplishment and I am proud this day. As Saturn whispered in my ear, he told me this,

“I am a brave and noble creature.”

As I look to my peers I say we all are brave and noble creatures.


This world is a challenge to live in. If one studies history the facts are there. What marks a transformative time in my life is the sense of a profound freedom. My experience blends with my knowledge, creating a wisdom to share. The essence or smell of a rose or the taste of a deep colored red Burgundy takes on moments of lost pleasure without accountability. All my memories can be lived and lived again. With age comes the delightful gift of reflection. Gravity makes itself know as well. I deny the need to challenge it. How am I any different from the waning moon or dropping sunflower. The purification process has its charms.

As Jupiter slowly enters my dear sign of Scorpio I ascend into the realm of mystery with a bright knowing that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Even if it means endless routines left in my life. Here is where I find the secrets of bliss because in ritual I am affirming my precious life.

“Warmth finds its way into the cold storage vaults. In older age, the images become more pleasant. Arduous struggles, envious rivalries, even betrayals come back with a new valence. They don’t hurt as much. The musing may even make them amusing. The long illness, the wrong marriage, all the slings and arrows of outrage lose their fire and forget their aim.”

~Hillman, James. The Force of Character: And the Lasting Life (Kindle Locations 1675-1678). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Purple flowers 2

Tears fall in slivers, you broke my shades
The light too bright, let me bury my heart
Filter emotions of green, cowardicee gives blue
A restricted view, let me open my heart

I have a fleeting love
Scorching when it lands
Fragile, needing precious hands

You eat my energy, give me more rope
Nail in the wall, let me hang my heart

I have a fleeting love
Scorching when it lands
Fragile, needing precious hands



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