Celebrating a new valence, Celebrating today my scorching bliss !

purification of pumpkin and a pomegranate, from my collection !

Looking through my studies and my progressive astrological chart I realized I have made it through my second Saturn return.  Along with being a Crone I can now say that I am an official Senior Citizen. I deny everything about what our culture says about being one too! I embrace it wholeheartedly. It is an accomplishment and I am proud this day. As Saturn whispered in my ear, he told me this,

“I am a brave and noble creature.”

As I look to my peers I say we all are brave and noble creatures.


This world is a challenge to live in. If one studies history the facts are there. What marks a transformative time in my life is the sense of a profound freedom. My experience blends with my knowledge, creating a wisdom to share. The essence or smell of a rose or the taste of a deep colored red Burgundy takes on moments of lost pleasure without accountability. All my memories can be lived and lived again. With age comes the delightful gift of reflection. Gravity makes itself know as well. I deny the need to challenge it. How am I any different from the waning moon or dropping sunflower. The purification process has its charms.

As Jupiter slowly enters my dear sign of Scorpio I ascend into the realm of mystery with a bright knowing that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Even if it means endless routines left in my life. Here is where I find the secrets of bliss because in ritual I am affirming my precious life.

“Warmth finds its way into the cold storage vaults. In older age, the images become more pleasant. Arduous struggles, envious rivalries, even betrayals come back with a new valence. They don’t hurt as much. The musing may even make them amusing. The long illness, the wrong marriage, all the slings and arrows of outrage lose their fire and forget their aim.”

~Hillman, James. The Force of Character: And the Lasting Life (Kindle Locations 1675-1678). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Purple flowers 2

Tears fall in slivers, you broke my shades
The light too bright, let me bury my heart
Filter emotions of green, cowardicee gives blue
A restricted view, let me open my heart

I have a fleeting love
Scorching when it lands
Fragile, needing precious hands

You eat my energy, give me more rope
Nail in the wall, let me hang my heart

I have a fleeting love
Scorching when it lands
Fragile, needing precious hands



The Notion

“Now the people from all times have been aware of the movements of the planets, in particular the sun and moon, but now they relate these movements to a mathematical system. I think this is probably the most important transformation of the notion of the universe in the history of human consciousness.” ~ pg 72 Goddesses, Mysteries of the Feminine Divine by Joseph Campbell


It is a given that the Planets have a way that is unique on to them and if you follow their stories, or not, that it ok by me. I can’t help but listen to their stories and their “angle of the dangle,” because it is kind of hard not to notice their patterns! Since the beginning of civilization there is a vast amount of studies about the planets.  It is quite amazing to me that so much knowledge and wisdom is associated with the planets. I am not an expert on the subject, but I am an ‘intuitive’!  I understand nature. I understand that the planets play a part in the big picture.

It is a civilization “individuation process” on a big scale. Yet, as subtle as a butterfly in one’s backyard, or the understanding of sorrowful feelings of a child when they first learn that bullies suck! The same but different is the key to understanding their stories. This is humanities’ story too.

Today I focus on all this hullabaloo over Saturn square Neptune.

I have found a perfect song for Neptune and another for Saturn, that expresses my inward feelings about these two character building planets. It is the blending in me that I enjoy. Sometimes I stress over the shadows that Neptune and Saturn manifest in their creative dark stories.  Yet, I say hello Saturn and Hello Neptune.  And so their story continues….and so too is humanity here to acknowledge their existence. We listen to their patterns, mathematical system and stories.

To Neptune

To Saturn..

Saturn is a hermaphrodite!!

 “The World represents the ultimate in individual achievement. It is symbolized by a naked, dancing figure, a hermaphrodite”

 ~ The Saturn / Pluto Phenomenon by Joy Michand


Over reading this. I think the monster may have been Pluto. Saturn in a female form and Pluto in his ugliest! Now working through both and listening to their stories. I am in awe of both of their transformational abilities. Within us they help us to balance our hermaphrodite natures. I think the war happening in our current American culture is a force to be reckoned with. Male and female wise…. that is!

I am studying and reading about Saturn: the mythology, history, archetypal, astrological; and even jumped into some depth psychology and esoteric merging. Saturn could be a God or a Goddess because through meditation he reveals to me himself, as her, that looked and spoke a lot like Lana Turner.

Lana Turner is a strong-willed dame that is morally together. She does not jump fences for men and knows herself. She is accountable, beautiful, smart and karma incarnate. Saturn manifesting himself as Miss Turner in my imagination is good.

My dream embraces a different aspect of Saturn than from my walking imagination. I found myself in a dark horror film. Blood and gore galore heightened my awareness. Dark opaque shiny metal and a large pool table caught my attention. A monster had already taken and killed three of my friends. I looked across the pool table and a light above was moving back and forth.

I grabbed a large katana blade and was swinging it around and around back and forth. I was keeping the monster from me. I heard the knife through the air and looked at his massive body. His shadow was darker still over the pool table. The monster’s head was black as death might be. No head. Terrified, I awoke.

My eyes opened to the thought that I had to post this to help me understand what I was seeing in this dark dream. I think it was Saturn’s shadow. Now together with Miss Turner I now know I am dealing with a God / Goddess. a hermaphrodite.

Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio

When I think about the continuity of life I don’t think of humanity as much of a continuity of things. We are puffs in the wind compared to the planets in our solar system. Astrology is based on this continuity of life. It is part of us physically like modern-day science but also much more.  My example begins with a book.

It is a book in my secret bookcase behind the computer desk. It holds chess books and esoteric books. The other day while cleaning I opened the door to this bookcase. I unconsciously reached for a book and put it down on the table where I put books that I am currently reading.

I then began to read it. I am amazed on what it says to me now. I researched online to study the planet Saturn. I am amazed to find that Saturn was moving into the sigh of Scorpio. There is more to this story. Saturn rules the sign Capricorn while Neptune rules Scorpio and tomorrow the opposite is happening. We find Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Capricorn. (October 5th)

The book I reached for is called The Saturn Pluto Phenomenon by Joy Michand & Karen Hilverson.  

So what does this all mean?