Towards the Zenith today…dragging the lake and letting go.

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Hudley Flipside

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Jupiter / Pater

Last night before I went to bed. Or my routine of earning my right to sleep. I watched my detective shows as candles glow. After a dark night of tossing and turning, I finally achieved the gift of sleep.

Anyway, last night before I went to sleep, I checked my handy device and app on the planets.  I noticed that Jupiter was heading towards the nadir not quite past the descent. Jupiter was at peace in the astrological sign of Libra about 29 degrees. I woke up this morning with a curiosity to see that Jupiter had spent the night in the underworld as I did. I speak collectively and personally.

Jupiter is now doing the tango with my friend Scorpio in 00 degrees heading towards the zenith. It is an outward and inward projection on my part. There are the realities that manifest in the physical realm which we all see. Then there are the inner mysteries that prevail within everything and in us as well. And so, it goes.

My reflections and music go hand and hand.

“Watching the Detectives” and “Holding Back the Years” are songs that have made an impression on me at such static times in my life, like these. Profound things are happening but what can I do about it?

Both songs affirm realities today because they are unbearably beautiful, paradoxical, and show a musical rendering of our current times. A time of “dragging the lake” and “letting go!” Hauntingly I move towards the next plateau of life or current events that may be bewildering and filled with change.

George Raft Detective

“Watching the Detectives” is a 1977 single by English singer-songwriter Elvis Costello.

“You think you’re alone until you realize you’re in it.
Now fear is here to stay. Love is here for a visit.
They call it instant justice when it’s past the legal limit.
Someone’s scratching at the window. I wonder who is it?
The detectives come to check if you belong to the parents
who are ready to hear the worst about their daughter’s disappearance.
Though it nearly took a miracle to get you to stay,
it only took my little fingers to blow you away.”


“Holding Back the Years” is the seventh track on Simply Red’s debut studio album Picture Book (1985).

Pater may refer to as the Latin “father” a title given to father deity. A Roman and Celtic God of the Underworld subsumed by Pluto or Jupiter.

Mater Matuta, in Roman religion, goddess of the ripening of grain (although the Latin poet Lucretius made her a goddess of dawn.)

“Holding back the years,
Thinking of the fear I’ve had for so long.
When somebody hears,
Listen to the fear that’s gone.
Strangled by the wishes of pater,
Hoping for the arm of mater,
Get to me sooner or later,”

th (15)

they just don’t make songs like this anymore….

Images above

Celebrating a new valence, Celebrating today my scorching bliss !

purification of pumpkin and a pomegranate, from my collection !

Looking through my studies and my progressive astrological chart I realized I have made it through my second Saturn return.  Along with being a Crone I can now say that I am an official Senior Citizen. I deny everything about what our culture says about being one too! I embrace it wholeheartedly. It is an accomplishment and I am proud this day. As Saturn whispered in my ear, he told me this,

“I am a brave and noble creature.”

As I look to my peers I say we all are brave and noble creatures.

This world is a challenge to live in. If one studies history the facts are there. What marks a transformative time in my life is the sense of a profound freedom. My experience blends with my knowledge, creating a wisdom to share. The essence or smell of a rose or the taste of a deep colored red Burgundy takes on moments of lost pleasure without accountability. All my memories can be lived and lived again. With age comes the delightful gift of reflection. Gravity makes itself know as well. I deny the need to challenge it. How am I any different from the waning moon or dropping sunflower. The purification process has its charms.

As Jupiter slowly enters my dear sign of Scorpio I ascend into the realm of mystery with a bright knowing that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Even if it means endless routines left in my life. Here is where I find the secrets of bliss because in ritual I am affirming my precious life.

“Warmth finds its way into the cold storage vaults. In older age, the images become more pleasant. Arduous struggles, envious rivalries, even betrayals come back with a new valence. They don’t hurt as much. The musing may even make them amusing. The long illness, the wrong marriage, all the slings and arrows of outrage lose their fire and forget their aim.”

~Hillman, James. The Force of Character: And the Lasting Life (Kindle Locations 1675-1678). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Purple flowers 2

Tears fall in slivers, you broke my shades
The light too bright, let me bury my heart
Filter emotions of green, cowardicee gives blue
A restricted view, let me open my heart

I have a fleeting love
Scorching when it lands
Fragile, needing precious hands

You eat my energy, give me more rope
Nail in the wall, let me hang my heart

I have a fleeting love
Scorching when it lands
Fragile, needing precious hands



th (17)

“We know that something unknown, alien, does come our way, just as we know that we do not ourselves make a dream or an inspiration, but that is somehow arises of its own accord. What does happen to us in this manner can be said to emanate from mana, from a daimon, a god, or the unconscious…”

Pg 336 Par 2 Memories, dreams, reflections ~ C.G. Jung


The yard is the shape of a crescent moon facing west. The cypress trees line the crescent shape that enhances the progression of the equinox in the night sky. Last night walking out into the darkness looking up,

“Hello Jupiter.”

Wings like a moth, or a big barn owl, or a giant bird swam through the darkness towards the south. Very high in the dark sky. A very large bird just west of Jupiter. A foreign site next to the consistency of the progression. All captured within the eyes of this little backyard. The ascending full moon was low on the horizon yet the light-numinosity surrounded the large creature.


July at 5PM on Sunday 2014

Goddess Asase Ya Flag-lrg
Goddess Asase Ya Flag-lrg

An age old question of time and place,

 Right now there is a whole lot of Leo in the 8th House,

 The Moon, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury.

 Scorpio is patronizing or stinging

 A regeneration that has meaning

Somewhere someplace in someone and many?

I pay attention to the movement of the planets. With my hand held device and application Celeste 1.1 it is easy to do. This is an interesting impulse to observe every day. I have pulled forth this cosmic motif and wonder.


Between dreaming and sleeping early this morning I saw Jupiter


I felt my feet pivoting and then I was on my tip toes

Between dreaming and sleeping early this morning I saw Jupiter. The image was not from a telescope or from a remembered picture, or from a book. It is not like any other image I’ve seen before of Jupiter. I was close and looking down upon this planet and its amazing golden, creamy, reddish, and brown colors.  I was at a remote distant viewing of Jupiter. My feelings awakened to Jupiter’s majesty.

I then whispered this to my husband as he kissed me before going to work,

“I am viewing Jupiter… ”

The door closed as he left and I fell back to sleep. I caught three scenes from a fast-moving dream play which is fading fast as I type. First I was with Sony again. A white mustang I had as a kid. I was riding and we were on our way to the Santa Monica mountains. The next scene I  was about to dance. I looked at a young adult male who did not know how to dance. It was ballroom dancing. I took his hands and we proceeded to dance around the room. The room was full of music, laughter and we were moving fast. I felt my feet pivoting and then I was on my tip toes.

The last scene which was an irritating irradiance and flowing

The last scene which was an irritating irradiance and flowing theme of a guy on a bike with a black t-shirt pedaling fast. I tried to follow him but lost him in my fast-moving dream; because he was going in the opposite direction.

I awoke with my senses swirling within me and around me as a soft breeze; happy that I caught some dream memory and wondering what Jupiter was whispering to me, this God of Sky and thunder.