2 thoughts on “I can-can

  1. Hello Hudley!

    I’ve been reading your blog and I like your Flopside comics very much. I know this could be a long comment message. Been trying to look for your email here but no luck. I hope it’s ok if I just message you here. You are probably busy right now but please take time to read my message.

    It is my great pleasure and with pure excitement to invite you to join a new site we created called Kultkomix.com. The site is in beta stage. It’s an online platform where you could share your comic stories and connect with other artists and comic fans as well. We’ve been working on this project for a long time now and we would like you to be one of the first users to try it.

    At first, our plan was just to draw comics and make a blog for it. But then, we thought, we know something about web development, why not make a site where we could connect with other artists and create a sense of community for the comic world. We love comics in all shapes and forms and this is our sincerest contribution to the art of it. Moreover, much reason why we love comics is because we love the people behind it. So we provide a social aspect to the site where everyone of us can connect through follow/following features, placed a usual comment area where everyone can share their thoughts and of course a place where you can manage your comic stories.

    Please feel free to get in touch with me and let me know your thoughts. Thank you very much!


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