Saturn is a hermaphrodite!!

 “The World represents the ultimate in individual achievement. It is symbolized by a naked, dancing figure, a hermaphrodite”

 ~ The Saturn / Pluto Phenomenon by Joy Michand


Over reading this. I think the monster may have been Pluto. Saturn in a female form and Pluto in his ugliest! Now working through both and listening to their stories. I am in awe of both of their transformational abilities. Within us they help us to balance our hermaphrodite natures. I think the war happening in our current American culture is a force to be reckoned with. Male and female wise…. that is!

I am studying and reading about Saturn: the mythology, history, archetypal, astrological; and even jumped into some depth psychology and esoteric merging. Saturn could be a God or a Goddess because through meditation he reveals to me himself, as her, that looked and spoke a lot like Lana Turner.

Lana Turner is a strong-willed dame that is morally together. She does not jump fences for men and knows herself. She is accountable, beautiful, smart and karma incarnate. Saturn manifesting himself as Miss Turner in my imagination is good.

My dream embraces a different aspect of Saturn than from my walking imagination. I found myself in a dark horror film. Blood and gore galore heightened my awareness. Dark opaque shiny metal and a large pool table caught my attention. A monster had already taken and killed three of my friends. I looked across the pool table and a light above was moving back and forth.

I grabbed a large katana blade and was swinging it around and around back and forth. I was keeping the monster from me. I heard the knife through the air and looked at his massive body. His shadow was darker still over the pool table. The monster’s head was black as death might be. No head. Terrified, I awoke.

My eyes opened to the thought that I had to post this to help me understand what I was seeing in this dark dream. I think it was Saturn’s shadow. Now together with Miss Turner I now know I am dealing with a God / Goddess. a hermaphrodite.

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