45 Degree Persuasion


“In this piece, she applies skillfully to a situation that seems born to contain it her signature piece of understanding by taking the reader on a journey of attitudes-from lofty remove to guarded self-deception to reluctant admission-that disentangles a knot of emotion as familiar as the back of any age-spotted hand.” 

Pg. 42  The Situation and the Story by Vivian Gornick

Mushy carrot 2 pi !!

When I go to the local pub it is to relax, listen to some tunes and talk a little with friends. I always have room to meet new ones, regardless of their age, religiosity, political persuasion, or weight. At the ripe old age of 64 I know for a fact that no fucking body is perfect!!! I do not insult others or try to make them feel bad about themselves.

I do react to negative comments about me or my friends from others. I know the difference between humor, sarcasm, or intolerance. I do not try to effect a change in the angle of a guy’s carrot. I am not interested in inspiring a 45-degree angle. Sexual geometry is not my thing. When I hear comments whispered behind my back like,

“Who is the old building with funky clothes?”

I feel the discrimination of ageism and sexism. I don’t forget these comments and from whom they came.

One guy had the guts to ask me,

“Shouldn’t you be home baking cookies?”

So, what kind of images does this bring forth for you? I was deeply enraged by this and almost punched him in the nose…but was honestly feeling good so I turned it back on him with humor. I then let him know that in the past I would have attacked him and knocked him down….

“Ha Ha…”

My father and brothers were mean like this, and I have had to deal with this type of sexism and intolerance all my life. They would go into a Trader Joe’s and would verbally judge women.

“Oh, she is a fat ass…etc.”

Letting women hear ever so much subtlety. I always have been a confrontational child and would let them know what asses they were. As if the whole female population is based on how fuckable they are to them.

So, the other night I was having a great time with friends at the local pub. I feel safe and respected there most of the time. Yet, the shadow punched off me with a nasty derogatory statement about my age as I was leaving the pub.

“Goodbye Grandma.”

Yes, I heard it. I guess I was not inspiring the 45-degree angle like the youngster female behind the bar did for the guys. That is OK, that is why they hire them young. Unconsciously the stupid young man will buy more beer; maybe sales are down, and they need the 45-degree persuasion to sell more beers.

I am a good friend to have regardless of my age. I like to be called a crone because I am an older woman. If you take the time to look past all the things that don’t make me fuckable or all the things you discriminate against, I have some interesting stories to share about life; antidotes that may help out a youngster like you.

Yet, if you are anything like my dad or brothers, watch out because I will be on your case. I will find you and the next time that angle will be a mushy carrot 2 pi !!


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