The Fuck Gazette Vol. Two , Number 6-66 or anti-man

art student….taken from Terrible Death A terrible flopside Bubblegum Comic…

I have come to realize that Trump as well as all his family and white house people are the Doppelgänger or anti-man people… they are without a good conscience …I can with research say that they do tie in somehow with the Nazi philosophy… or ideology!  It is a different twist on the same old idea of soulless leaders ruled by an unknown source…. maybe beyond our knowing and an agenda that it frightening to me. I once told a friend that I was not worried about Trump becoming president and that we would just have to deal with it… I regret saying this… now I am concerned … and wonder how such a Doppelgänger could have been manifested…  they got what they wanted maybe???

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