Using Praying Mantis symbolism in my art has meaning to me. It is meant to be humorous, provocative, and honest. I have practiced the Crone’s Crowning ritual for years now. For me is an acknowledgement of growing older as a woman and dealing with transformation and seeing death on the same terms as transformation. They are one and the same, yet the idea of transformation is easier to deal with than death.

I have been working on this project for some time. I finally started to get the inspiration to finish it. I waited until after the summer solstice. I also blend the ritual in with the native American medicine wheel of nature. As it is clear in what is presented below. I find it helpful in this time of change, death, and civil rights protests. It is a time of transformation and death. We are all going through a type of world initiation. I am making this small offering to help.

Inspired by Susun S. Weed

Book: Menopausal Years, The Wise Woman Way

Alternative Approaches for Women 30 – 90

Poem ritual by Hudley

East Crone

Crones of The East

those that sing

the songs of the transforming

The songs of the dying

And songs of the universe.

South Crone

Crones of The South

those that stir the caldron

Of change

That set the feast

For the transforming

And dying.

West Crone

Crones of The West

those that open the door

To the transforming

And the dying

And shed the tears of letting go.

North Crone

Crones of The North

those who wait in the realm of the transforming

The realm of the dying.

Silently helping with smiling faces.