New Flopside Comic Character.

There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. -Alexandre Dumas


Dumas Dude or Dudea…. clusterfuckers…


Mr. Fuck says with compassion,

 “So, Mr. Shit where do all these protestors go to the bathroom who are protesting all over the world?”

Mr. Shit ponders as an expert on the subject.

“All that toilet paper desperately bought a month ago is stuffed in their backpacks. Take a crap like a dog and use your doggie bag. Or they can shit in the lights like I do.”

“Mr. Shit that is only when you are drunk! Now that the bars are closed I do not…”

Mr. Shit affirms loudly,

“Have you not noticed the signs on people’s lawns recently? Pick up your dog’s poop? Well it is not the dogs’ !”

“How about their masks? They can use them as wiping devices.”

“Mr. Fuck that would spread the virus. Yet if any of those clusterfuckers poopers come down our street … I will have to retaliate … with my water & bleach super soaker. They are ‘dumas’ if they do not think they are infecting us all!”

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