The newsprint / ink thing?

“I’d rather be a sprat than a mackerel, you can slip through the net
It’s set, it also takes one to catch one.”

It is imperative then that a woman brings up the masculine side of her nature, that she learns to love a thing, or an idea, even, though this is primarily a man’s prerogative, and even though her attitude toward the thing or idea will never be his. For however completely she has succeeded in this task, she will care more about the application of the idea than for the idea itself, though she will still call it the idea. So it is, her love finds its way through the thing to the human being back of the thing.

Harding, Esther. The Way of All Women (C. G. Jung Foundation Books Series) (p. 99). Shambhala. Kindle Edition.

I am reading a book, The Astrology of Midlife and Aging by Erin Sullivan. I ordered years ago on my Kindle but forgot yet recently got a paperback copy. It is helping me make this on the “limn,” means edge, experience of turning 65 much better.

All the trash I have to throw away from those companies that what to entrap me in some medicare deals makes me feel like a target for sure.

Thinking of things I love… but might have to let go of.

I am making changes in my life. Seeing what is valuable in life. What to keep and what to let go of. Finding out, it is normal to daydream of the past and remember how things were but also to do a few more modern things as well. Yet my need to be on the cutting edge is about gone from my need or guilt to hang on or somehow feel responsible. I will keep to what inspires me, makes me angry or affirms by position on things.

Funny I decided to order the LA Times paper to get that lovely feeling again of holding a paper and reading it again. I found out that in 5 days that I am allergic to the ink in the paper used.

Tight chest, hard time breathing and feeling drained, and I thought it was Covid-19 again or maybe the old rainy weather. That is ironic to me.

The newsprint / ink thing? I once was addicted to the smell of new ink on newsprint in fanzines and vinyl record covers and inserts. I now know those days are over. Funny how fate can make decisions for you.