Tape Nine 10/08/84 The Weirdos to Dix…

Dix Denney has passed away so I thought of this tape I did with Flipside Radio and The Weirdos marathon… we were so spoiled… we really are… my heart just aches….  1984 and before and beyond.

Tape Nine 10/08/84

Weirdo Enjoy the BIG PUNK ROCK 1984

The real deal. This tape was released around 28 fucking years ago. Where a process of recording, organizing, mailing, and airing tapes live turned out to be a very successful project indeed!!  Wow!! Projects took some time back in the 1980s. All sent through our post office box. The Flipside post office was a busy place in Whittier California. One little, tiny post office box oversaw a vast number of gifts. which consisted of records, mail, ads, and money. It was like Christmas every day. Then there was the Post Office Master. A lady that I hated at first but who turned out to leave little gifts for us in our ‘po box each Christmas season. She thought we were weird at first with our wild ways but later she became a part of our unofficial crew in her own dependable way.

Enjoy a cameo appearance by Henry Rollins.

(You must trust your eyes you’re not insane)

Live Flipside Video Music with Plain Wrap at the legendary Cathay de Grande. On Track 2…


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