Lets See Your Homework or Mama forgets a lot these days.

We passed Bobs Big Boy several times on the way to school. I looked over and his eyes got bigger as we passed by.

“OK Shane we will go before the four-day Labor Day weekend.  We will make it this Thursday!”

He gave me back  his love look and meowed like a kitty.

We did  go yesterday on a Thursday. It was good. At 54 Boys Big Boy is unique  in this part of town. I did not even know this one was here.  Later, The night came on and my husband Jay and older son JF were now home.

“Let’s see your homework,” said JF to Shane.

“Tomorrow in the first day of a four-day weekend. I do not have to do it,” said Shane. ”

Then it got rather noisy in the house. The debate being that maybe the following weekend is the four-day holiday. All eyes turned to me. As a mama I often get blamed for these things.

“I am sure the message on the phone said this weened?”  I said nervously.

“So Shane, you have  homework, ” said Jf.  “Yes I do and a test to study for.”

The house broke out into a debate once more.

I silently went to the computer, sat down in the chair, and put on my earphones.  Then I thought to myself.

“This damn perimenopause….!”