Random Pick day is Sunday ….on the 1st day of summer.

Random Book Day By Hudley

Another Sunday for shy and ruthless Miss. Mantis. In the cave of cool air after eating, cleaning, and exercising… a bit… time to reach out with that sharp stretch for something sparkling, insightful, and unknown… well here goes. Eyes closed, reach and open book to…  

From Marianne Willamson, A Woman’s Worth is the book dustily chosen from the bookshelf.

Sneeze and wonder and so here is the quote,

“And when a woman remembers her glory, a man of goodwill can barely contain joy. His real self arises in the presence of her own. I’m telling you, it works, this thing, this looking within to attract what is without. Make room for love, and it always comes. Make a nest for love, and it always settles. Make a home for the beloved, and he [she] will find his {her} way there.” 

~End of Chapter Embracing the Goddess PG. 75

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