Rodney, Annette & Frankie and Flipside Fanzine

(I just stumbled on this post again… and it is a nice reflection to embrace.. May 2017)

I looked outside at the night while watching the stars and the sparkling lights on the Verdugo Mountains.  It was this time that a new world opened to me. We were all listening and we were all connected. 

It was about 3 feet by 4 feet. Beige color and made of a soft wood with round speakers built-in the front of the radio. The base sound was good and highlighted the sound his soft DJ voice made.

His voice was in conflict with the loud music he played. Cutting Edge music.

I was glued to the sound of the music he played. The room was dark and I was alone in my parent’s two story house.

Rodney A

Taken from Los Angeles Flipside Fanzine

(There was suspicion but not until years passed and a clear affiliations of facts, narratives and friends that I have to state that Tar “staph writer” is a convicted sex offender of young boys and underage punks! His story is very offensive to me and at the time when he worked on Flipside Fanzine it was only by way of the post office. A written correspondence. I distanced myself from him years ago.) – Hudley

In my imagination it never occurred to me that I would get to know this music man. A type of pre-internet friend. A phone, mail relationship that came to be during the 1980s. Kind of like a Facebook friend now. Not exceptionally close but supportive and dependable and we all randomly came together as a sturdy cable.

We were the jump-start that started the punk rock engine.  

A dependable promotional voltage to what the punk scene was screaming to achieve. Great times….

Thank you, Rodney!! A lot of action and movement! A lot of love!!