Where Musicians and Writers Collide: Publicity

I finished my Flipside Punk Rock memoir about two years ago. There are so many books coming out about the punk rock days of the late 70’s and 1980’s. I just feel a bit jaded at this point. All the revival and nostalgia… I got over it about three years ago as well. I am still reading books about the subject of writing and publishing. I found a pretty good book called Booklife by Jeff Vandermeer.

An excellent review of this book is included on the site Where Musicians and Writers Collide: Publicity. So far, I find the book interesting.

Jeff writes about setting goals and tells writers just to do more writing overall. He writes about the difference between the public life and the private life of a writer. As we know, public life is a very social one and at times very political. The private life is about the time writers need alone to have the time to actually be creative and write.

For me it is also about how I wish to present my book. I am looking for a good editing program. It is putting the two elements of a writers time together that makes for a successful writer. So, I may still put away this punk book and write another one or two.

One about my days growing up in the San Fernando Valley of California, and another being a murder mystery novel about how a woman tracks down the girls who bullied her in her school days and hides them in her bomb shelter. The point being Jeff’s book has inspired me and that it is always helpful.

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