Walking the Dog

Punk Rock Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside

When I had journeyed half of our life’s way,

I found myself within a shadowed forest,

For I had lost the path that does not stray.”

~ Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy.

The rhythm and blues, rock and punk rock and the continuity of a beat blows through generations. The beat, guitars and some vocals all take on a life of their own.

I first remember hearing the Rolling Stones by way of my siblings’ records or from the radio.

 Something new and fresh after years becomes,

“I wonder how many times I have heard this song !?”

Yet a good song will bloom and expand out into a new generation.

Blues, rock, and punk rock…

As the musicians play the songs, beat it out, as the music goes up and down our spines it has a life of its own… it enters our DNA.

As a young girl walking home. A car drives by and that song is playing loudly. Ya that song and the beat held me for a short time as the car raced by.

Listening to it on a record or at a live show, that same song grabs you and shakes all those memories from your guts.

We mortals get old and die but the beat, the songs live on until a giant earth explosion … all gone…until,

The black-angel says to the white-devil…

“Dig that song, that beat!”

As Dante Alighieri himself is just “Walking the Dog.”

rufus thomas

Baby’s back, dressed in black,
Silver buttons all down her back
High, low, tipsy toe,
She broke a needle and she can’t sew

Walkin’ the dog,
Just walkin’ the dog
If you don’t know how to do it,
I’ll show you how to walk the dog

Asked a fellow for fifteen cents,
See the fellow he jumped the fence
Jumped so high he touched the sky,
Never got back till the fourth of July

Walkin’ the dog,
Just walkin’ the dog
If you don’t know how to do it,
I’ll show you how to walk the dog

Come on now, come on, come on

Mary, Mary, quite contrary
Tell me, how does your garden grow?
You got silver bells and you got cockleshells
Pretty maids all in a row

Walking the dog
Just a walkin’ the dog
If you don’t know how to do it
Show you how to walk the dog

Come on now, come on, come on
Oh oh, just a, just a, just a walkin’
Just a, just a, just a walkin’
Just a, just a, just a walkin’

Oh yeah, if you don’t know how to do it
I’ll show you how to walk the dog, oh

Just a, just a, just a, just a, just a, just a walkin’
Just a, just a, just a, just a, just a, just a walkin’, oh

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Solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 Celebration

 I hope you enjoy the coming eclipse.  If you are already there or travel the journey to get there…If you need some reading material while waiting or after it is over and back to normal life… here is my stuff for your reading pleasure….

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A high standard

Music is about good character, loyalty, good friendship and integrity. Rock & Roll is more than goo goo eyes and stupid sluts with wet panties. Rock & Roll is a revolution of words and style. Yes, this is a high standard…so be it!!

While growing up my home had a lot of musical diversity around the house. The German Telefunken radio was usually playing what my mom or dad liked; Jazz or local radio channels. There was not a large section of radio channels back from the 1950s through to the 1970s. This made is easy to hear your favorite songs.  Just like TV,  everyone was listening to the same channels and that had a community sense of continuity to it.

I have written this before…my first 45 record was Love Me tender by Elvis.  I played the 45 on my little portable hand-held record player. Oh boy, It was rather large compared to hand-held devices of today and a lot cooler too. One of the older siblings had a 8 track cassette player in his car. I remember hearing the Beatles’ Rubber Soul in his Hot Rod Ford Falcon. By eight years old ! I knew all the songs off the album by heart. Then there were vinyl LP’s; Donovan, The Seeds and I think Cream might have been around in home somewhere?

Teen Idols and the world of music !?

thTeen idols were someone to mock and make faces at. I still feel even stronger about this today!!  For me it was the music that moved me. The lyrics and the tunes that got me going. Even Elvis Presley and the Beatles only got the ‘crush-thing-going’ pale in comparison. It is their character that got me. How they dressed and how they spoke. I always focused on who they were as a person then the usual sex object to be swooned over. Even with all my experiences with music and rock stars or anti-rockstarism over the years, I have kept this solid in my perspective as,

Love the music, love the character, try to be a good friend, dig the whole thing together!! Dance to it too…or roll around on the ground and throw up!!

Later on when deep in the bowels of the musical beast I made a promise to myself. If those overwhelming feelings of ‘Idol-love’ consumed me I would blow. I made a vow never to go out on a date or fall in love with a band member; even if only indirectly and from afar!! The idea of “Idol,” “Icon,” or “rock star,” repels me. It was not easy…but it can be done !!

Now imagine driving (before-drivers license) in you older brother’s Ford Falcon, when he is not around, and pushing on the gas pedal down to this song…. my first sense of musical power. Here comes Big Bruiser…the hill that helps you fly over the San Fernando Valley. Ha HA Ha !!



Pat Fear back to black…

Pat Fear

“There are two kinds of people in the world, people who are in White Flag and all those who wish they were.”  

th (1)

He is rascal, part of the youthful scene that we punks were made from! Those microbial bats of Rock & Roll. A jokester that played his music the way he wanted to. He is a friend and youthful comrade that always was there. A few years back I got to see White Flag rock out a Saint’s song. Demolition Girl. (He knew that was a favorite song of mine.)

That was Pat always making his friends happy and irritated at the same time.

He wrote and recorded the Flipside Fanzine theme song that is used on a few of the Flipside records and videos which are now free trolling through-out the internet.

The last time I spoke with him was backstage at the Golden Voice 30-year gig at the Santa Monica Civic.

He was part of the sexy black lace that held the original puck scene together. I will miss him. He overwhelmed me with his knowledge about music, and he let me know it too!!

Pat Fear 1 001
Flipside Fanzine 1980s
Pat 3 001

To the left of me is “Bill” Bartell / Pat Fear. I had not seen many of my old punk comrades in years, so I was a little shy when I took the shot. Notice there are strange looks on their faces.

Bill annoyingly kept saying. “Smile look who is taking the picture, it’s Hud, you all remember Hud?”

I was so embarrassed and a little drunk but most of them did. If you know their faces you know who they are. It was a strange time because I did not know how I would be greeted. Most of the guys in bands and the promoters and artists treated me swell.

Others, like Mike Ness of SD were hiding in their backstage room, which was only available to some. A real change for him who once was very real and accessible in the early punk scene. Pat never changed he was always accessible more than you wanted. I felt a lack of freedom those few nights.

I once had the privilege of knowing the backstage very well as a Fanzine person. Now, I was not allowed to go backstage as one who caused considerable trouble.

I was limited and only was allowed in a type of buffer zone with a hand full of others… it was a sad reality of how things were becoming, which is a less personal punk scene and more Rockstars or impersonal. It once was so different.

The focus was on the individual or friend, scene, or community. Well that is why we now have Facebook, I guess.

Hub Master: Pat Fear.

As you know Pat was a force to deal with. He lived in Riverside which was not far from Whittier Ca where Flipside Fanzine was based. Flipside put out a few music vinyl fanzines on Flipside / Gasatanka Records.

Pat was the hub master and helped bring it all together. Was it only a few years ago I argued on Facebook about his hate for Sahara Palin?

I would ask him to slow down and redirect his energy. White Flag played a show with the Simpletons around 2008. They played a Saints Song, Demolition Girl. A nice dedication to me. Yet that was Pat… he always tried to make his friends happy.

He was humorous in an irritating and funny way. He had the gift of inclusion. He is a constellating hub across time which brings us all here together today.  

I will read some quotes by White Flag Tape 6 Flipside Music Fanzine.

I will try to read them the way White Flag said them. Pat Fear’s high degree of sarcasm.   This is a White Flag moment.   “What is the purpose of White Flag?”  

“To create an illusion of creativity. Because we are too good to be believed.”  

“White Flag is a band that’s done everything done before… but better.”

“There are two kinds of people in the world, people who are in White Flag and all those who wish they were.”  

“White Flag is more than just a band it is a concept of how to live your life.”  

“We look like women, talk like men, and play like mother fuckers. (Twisted sister quote.)”  

Pat wrote a theme song for our video fanzines. I would like to share a short description from our catalog describing the beginning of Flipside Video Number Two,  

“Now if you want to see the good old video monster in action you just got to catch this video. So, if you get it, and put it in your VCR, you might just die.

Because the opening Flipside Video Number Two is the band White Flag. Gutsy and pure, Pat Fear will knock your block off while he plays guitar for the opening theme song called “Flipside” with backup singers including some Redd Kross members and one Bangle member.”

Dennis, Pat and Mike, The PUNK HUB MASTERS

Something sexy for him..

Edited today 9/24/22…. i was so sad when I first wrote this up… RIP

Beyond Me: Daily Prompt: Fight or Flight

Shayne and train watchPersonify a black hole…

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change~ Sephen Hawkins

I had the most bizarre feeling yesterday while watching one of son’s history channels together. The same feeling when I was about to give birth to him 12 years ago and how I became one with fight or flight:

OK, I don’t want to be here. I want to run from this pain, stress and place… I don’t want to be here…but it hit me hard: the reality that what was happening to me was beyond me. I had to go through with it. So I let go.

We were watching a program about black holes from the program The Universe on the History Channel. At the center of the whole universe there is supposed to be one massive black hole. Gravity pulls it all. Also there are many black holes which are believed to be within all galaxies as well as our own. More than just the advanced telescopes, technologies and terms for the universe and how it works, our mind has the ability to expand out and see these things: To realize and imagine that we are part of something so fantastic.

I felt the need to run away from… from this realization. I felt that feeling of fight and flight intensity again.

We are bound to this planet due to the gravity of black holes and dark matter… shit I don’t like this!

Yet, science so often takes things to the “bones” of reality. I realize and know that it is beyond me and relaxed into the face of a child that pulls me to him like gravity towards a black hole… his love!!! The fight and flight left me and I was at peace again.

The Paisley Underground

Punk Rock Colleague & Historian and Professional Consultant

Hudley Flipside.

The Three O’ Clock are playing at the Glass House tonight in Pomona CA. which is more than an hour and 7 minutes from where I live, but with traffic much more on the way there. This means if I want to drink some beer that is a hell of a risk that I would be taking on the way back, late in the wee hours of morn.

Ya, when I was a youngster nothing would stop me from seeing my favorite bands. Critical thinking has really ruined my fun life. I feel blessed that I saw this band many times in my youth. They are a unique band who are now associated with the Paisley Underground; but they got their momentum from the early Los Angeles underground punk rock scene. We loved them. Their music dazzled us. 

They once called themselves the Salvation Army.

As the story goes, I was very nasty to them when they changed their name. I apologize now with all my heart… also about the religious candle too with Jesus on it.  I made fun of it at Mr. Ricky Start aka Michael Quercio parents’ home. 

I am sorry. The Bangs (Bangles) and The Salvation Army rained hard on the Los Angeles punk rock scene in the early 80s. It was always changing, a penumbra of style and ideologies. We were all growing up together. 

This is when I learned that just because you loved a band, supported a band and offered them free promotion did not mean you had any rights to how they saw life.

I found out the hard way. A band could drop you like a hot potato. Some did…but there were always other bands coming along that needed some help.

Picture by Christina Zamora

Thanks goes to Christina Zamora for the psychedelic pictures taken at the Glass House

I’ve included an interview from Flipside Fanzine with The Three O’ Clock from their earlier years as Salvation Army. What they had to say is remarkably interesting too. Also, I am sharing a little psychedelic weirdness with you the reader. Salvation Army is on the cover of this issue.

Yes, both bands are playing on the same night which is kind of interestingly out there. Shattered Faith is playing at The Redwood Bar & Grill.

This does sting my heart a bit because you cannot be two places at the same time. The addiction to see bands, support them and know them personally…has somewhat passed. Yet, it is comforting to know both bands are still out there doing their thing and having fun.

Picture by Christina Zamora

Picture by Christina Zamora

We’re going down the pub: Looking through the sly seductive eyes of Joe Jughead one of The Static Age guys & Jimmy Pursey


It was a wonderful time… I miss it. Like anytime there are endless stories to be shared. Below is an older review, I retrieved for Jimmy Pursey’s birthday. The small clubs, pubs, and dark corners or up-front-and-personal. I don’t think I will be coming out of my cave anytime soon. I will be doing some writing about this special time. Be safe.



You don’t have to tell me
That the thing’s I do are wrong
But everything I do in life
Is with us right or wrong
Now I think I understand
How to have some fun

Sham 69- Hurry Up Harry

The Static Age brings us another fun show at the Scotland Yard Pub in Canoga Park. I could not refuse this free show in my backyard with the Smears (UK), Plexikill, Ingenue and Government Trap.

I missed Government Trap but did see their flyers everywhere. Some of us made little paper airplanes with them. Flying promotional airplanes.

Ingenue is an all-girl band that has a certain kind of sound that I want to get lost in. That is what I look for in a band. That place where I get so lost in the sound that I forget myself. They also got to that point as well where they let go. That place where the line between band and audience fades away. Nice Bass sound and wildly played!!

Plexikill is a powerful band. Nice style with an impressive drummer. She had both feet going even if her left foot only seemed like it was vibrating up and down, cool…great sound!

Then came the headlining band from the UK… The SMEARS. The lead singer Em reminded me of actress Rosalind Russell. They have a heavy musical current to their music. They played a few songs but not enough. It was like not having enough cake…or skimping on the hors d’oeuvre.

A tease.

I laughed when someone from the audience gave them shots of saké, the singer said,

“Is this semen?”

Below are pictures from a night at the local pub… We’re going down the pub


10 year Anniversary issue of Flipside Fanzine Table of Contents !

My wish is to re-publish this issue as a musical historical document of early Punk Rock…for current and future generations. It was so much work. We did it all with our commodore computer; 64 or 128..I don’t remember. Makes me proud !!

Dream come true…Check Image to Purchase

For Sale now..

Hudley Flipside author page at this easy to remember url! https://t.co/n16dd9LPBb via @amazon


Lately, while diving around in my car I have been listening to a CD by the evil BLACK WIDOWS…

“All instrumental, all original, all evil”…

And I love them.  Their songs have a nice edge of surf meets dance and beyond. I would compare them to the band The Venturas but THE BLACK WIDOWS are better. I would make this CD as a must for anyone’s Christmas gift list…damn good dance music…remember to carry a big stick…cause ya never know when you will need it ??

This band will bite ya and you will never be the same…My fave song is Zero’s hour.