Yes it is late at night and my car gets a flat tire. So I pull to the side of the freeway and then get out of the car. Then to my surprise a serial killer is waiting to get me. At every car box on the freeway late at night there is a serial killer, waiting. Really, I think I might very well be able to change a flat tire myself. This is the worst scenario of not having a cell phone in case of an emergency. Yet, did you know that one can be traced via their cell phone by the same serial killer? I am not a phone person. I know everyone has one and I use to have one too. Yet, I decided to give it up because of some scientific study that claimed that the vibes has an effect on the bee population in a negative way, So I gave it up. Also, I don’t like talking on the phone . I am not a talker to begin with. I don’t know much about small talk either. I tend to lecture and then I like to listen. I am very receptive to my environment. I find that Facebook is perfect for expressing myself to the world and to my friends. I am there everyday so anyone can reach me there. I have had many people want my number and I always felt guilty. Will I hurt their feelings? They will think I am weird? I like people. Yet, I don’t like talking on the phone. I think that this Borg generation is a bit crazy. I hate taking to people while they are looking at their cell phone too. So I usually get up and stay clear. I am going back to the simple. I like my privacy.. I love it…. I set my personal space and If you want to be my friend you will accept this about me. I am halfwild and half- domesticated.