JF: a rascal and argumentative


He knows which buttons to push,

He likes to play guitar leads,

He is learning calculus…

Turning 21 this May,

I’ll take him out for a pint.

If he thinks it’s alright…

His generation is foreign to me,

Yet, we like lots of the same music,

and Living Dead on TV…

He is beautiful and a comfort,

He is a rascal and argumentative,

I would not have him any other way…

He is kinda shy like me,

Reflective and a game player,

with a good group of friends….

Author: Hudley Flipside

Welcome to Hudley Flipside’s “The Seminary Of Praying Mantis Publishing.” Praying mantis shows me her story of life, death, and rebirth. For me she is an image or symbol of the divine in all things. I watch the praying mantis in my garden and have taken her image as my logo. She is an amazing little creature, and I relate to her connection to nature. We are both wild and part of this strange world. She is a part of my mythology as I am part of hers.

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