The second day of the Holy of Holies.


Lapis Lazuli

In the original book [Dune by Frank Herbert], at least, the “weirding way” seems to be the Fremen term for the whole set of skills that the Bene Gesserit teach. The first reference in Dune is when the Shadout Mapes refers to the “weirding room.” Then, when Paul and his mother first meet Stilgar’s troop, Stilgar calls Jessica a “weirding woman.”

The Voice is a specific Bene Gesserit skill: a way to give someone an order that is almost impossible to resist without training or great mental strength.

But the Bene Gesserit skills definitely also include fighting. Stilgar says:

“But you, woman, you have the weirding ability of battle. We’d only heard of it and many doubted, but one cannot doubt what he sees with his own eyes. You mastered an armed Fremen. This is a weapon no search could expose.”

Today the focus is on the Hierarchy of Taurus.

The physical part of the body is the throat,

The throat will be a luminous center from which the divine Creative word is sent.” Pg. 10

The disciple is Andrew.


The quote is: He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God. ~ 1 John 4:16

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