Automated retail cheap to go at all gasoline stations.


Today while driving I noticed the intensity. People rushed and gave the finger; as well as myself. I don’t do it out of meanness but I try to mock it up with both hands held up to my ears while wiggling them. I always try to get them to smile. Amazed that we all get along as well as we do on our Southern California roads. I think we should replace cigarette automated retail machines with funny faces in a little plastic sealed cup. At all gasoline stations.  Cheap little bobbing fuck you fingers made to suction to the back of the inside of your car. Collectables, as vinyl records, to be sold at some future date at some off beat swap meet. Let’s face it most of you out there are nasty drivers who project your frustrations from your car. Monsters of the road. The happy clown nose, the green alien fuck you finger or the cat showing you a butthole. Maybe little guns that shot out, “Be cool,” “get down,” or the big shaft “Motherfucker!!” For those of us who are good at heart there are the multitude of happy faces which you can suction to your head, “Get out of my way have a nice day,” “Gosh you can go screw,” and “Love is more punk rock than you!!”


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