Turkey turkey

imageHusband told me a story about pain. When he worked out at the Wild Card in West Hollywood he told me that a boxer came up and told him about pain! The boxer was in a match and the referee was counting him down in the middle of an excellent fight!
“But I feel fine.”
In this boxer’s enthusiasm he did not notice the big cut on his head from a punch he received! Blood was everywhere! Then he told husband,
” I told you that I felt fine… The next day I knew what pain was!”

Yesterday I had a fall! For the first few hours after, I felt fine ! In my enthusiasm for life, I had a vision and it said,
“Turkey dinner with all the trimmings !”
The image was large and glorious!

I went to the store and brought it all home!! Within the many chores and projects, that this lazy ass housewife has to do, I realized something! I was in pain! My ‘back, ankle and knee’ were screaming, but my mind knew it had to complete its master vision of a turkey dinner, even though my porcupine needles were leaving an emotional trail via any family member that came by!

After the glory of any great punch out or major fall… Comes pain!

Moral of this post:
Every 4 to 6 hours …Medication dulls pain. Turkey leftovers rule!! Just follow it through…follow it through baby !!


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