scrupulous insight

I told the lady in the big SUV that she was parked in a red zone.

“Everyone else is doing it!”
“Oh that is brilliant…lady!!”

When I go to get the kid from school, I try my best to avoid trouble. I hide under a tree or look the other way when other parents park their cars in red zones. They also block yellow student walk ways. I of course park a couple blocks away and walk to the school. I admit foresight is something I acquired over years of experience.

These same parents honk when they end up causing traffic, and make it impossible to have a clear path of safety through traffic. I tend to get angry when confronted with rudeness, stupidity and idiocarcy like this.

Today two women were both parked on either side of the street in the red zones. They were talking across to each other. It was clear that they were parked right on the curve where students and cars do not have a clear view of each other. I waited. Then I moved out to drive between the two cars, the one on the right raced out towards me without looking.

I honked and then I yelled at her. She looked at me as if amazed that I was upset with her. She was a patronizing, idiot bitch, unaware to the danger that surrounded her. She mockingly said she was sorry. Wondering how I could be so upset;

“How can you say those things we both have children!”

I think getting upset is a normal reaction. I then called her a jerk and gave her the finger as she drove away in her dark SUV with her young kid.

The lukewarm meritocracy of these 30 something women makes me sick. They seem to lack moral guidelines except when it applies to them! I am so glad I come from an angry generation with scrupulous insight.

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  1. Oh, Hudley. How I remember the elementary school parking lot war zone. And the room mothers one upping games, and bake sale pressure. And I felt like such an outsider. Finally one Mom commented on the Black Flag pin I wore to cover the hole in my vintage winter coat. “Redondo Beach 1980. Great show.” So I found another SoCal punk here in upscale, culturally barren suburban Illinois I wasn’t alone anymore.

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