Laura Only !

Describing her portrait sitting on the hearth is a difficult memory after 25 years. She was my first patient as a working Home Health Aide in the city of Rochester New York. I was use to a wild and angry diversity, more then Laura’s family found me. The soul kitchen smelled foreign to me as I must have looked to them. Me in my white nurse outfit, white stockings and soft leather shoes. This contrast to Laura and her family caused silence to fill the rooms; at first not a word was shared… eyes dashed and people shuttered around. Slowly, family members left. As the weeks went on I arrived to Laura only. She suffered a stroke and I was there to help her recover. From her I learned that kindness does matter in this world, and that diversity blends like sugar-water. Swallowing  it down was wonderful rewarding…
Dark long hair. Laura was wearing a black derby hat. A picture from the 1940s. A smile as sweet as she was all her life. I have regrets leaving Laura and her family. I found a better job for more pay.

Taken from the Portrait of Laura By Hudley Flipside

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