Remarkable tasty character or horned nasty taste buds.


“Sultan: Have you any famous last words?
Baron Munchausen: Not yet.
Sultan: Not yet? Is that famous?”
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen – 1988

If failure and success each have a flavor It would depend on the type of success and the type of failure. So many spices can be mixed together to develop a super successful and tasteful life. The taste of success and failure develops good character. The success as “in the world” tastes sweet, aromatic and uplifts the palate. This type of success can lead to savory but often lacks the depth of this type of flavor that builds good remarkable tasty character. Savory and deep flavor comes with the walking through failure.

Baking, broiling or boiling comes to mind. Then there is the long nights of enduring the smoke of a dark hellish BBQ. During these types of cooking-failures one forgets and often enters the underworld. One is lost in the labyrinth of horned nasty taste buds.  Called back only to living a good life-by smelling the aroma of green herbs and colorful spices and tasting the aftermath of a cooking transformation of flavors. The success of this is the awakening of the multideminational flavored spicy soul. This is savory of the highest degree which melts on your tongue like the flavor of ecstasy. Having a good appetite for life, while living through the success and failure of life, is the soul of a savory life.

Also watching my friends who have such savory characters is a way to understand these highest degrees of lives flavors. The last few nights I have dreamed of such characters. A timeless place of my friends. I spend time with them. I greet them and hug them. I have arguments with them. Friendship is a type of spice in life that builds success in life. Here the unknowable spice of the soul finds a mixture that fills the taste buds with deep satisfaction!

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