Mr. Kale

Blue Cheese Crumble

Having to eat better is a good thing. Hormones and emotions play nasty games with my blood pressure. My Kaiser doctor tells me I have to sweat more and eat better. I have a great relationship with Mr. Kale now. Cakes, pies and cookies…and pints of beer…I am seeing less of. In fact, if you were to line up chocolate cake or a big piece of wedding cake with mile high rich white frosting together with Kale; I would now walk away with Mr. Kale. It is that good for me. I love the texture and taste.

I’ve created a blue cheese crumble to put over and mingle with the deep savory expectations of my large dark green leaves of organic Kale. Mr. Kale took the indecent proposal well! Now my Venus veins are doing the good green sweating for my happy health.

The Recipe

Any container from the market of crumbled blue cheese.

A bag of sunflower seeds. Any kind will do; salted, roasted or raw.

A colorful handful of shredded cheddar cheese.

Another colorful handful of dehydrated purplish red cranberries.

Mix together in your favorite mixing bowl.

Cut up the kale in bite size pieces.

Put kale into a voluptuous large salad bowl

Put blue cheese crumble on top. Mix intimately.

Eat as is or save in refrigerator with cover for later.

It only gets better with time…

Some Grape seed oil, sweet vinegar, a couple drops of Tabasco and salt & pepper dresses well with this too.

I also like to use I Goddess Dressing; Simple Truth Organic.

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