Flopside’s flopping atomic bomb exploding radiation forming trash Juke Box

Cartton Kult
It is my scene and I can make fun of it if I want too!!

The tune pops in Mr. Fuck’s head and using his finger as a fucking antenna… he moves you… MUSIC WISE!

Fucking antenna UP!

Repetition is the key to spreading the word. Be it politics, music or art…. not those terrible things called education and math. The pesky fucking continuity of wisdom through MUSIC!


The first song is one that has been listened to since the 1930’s ! A Jazz standard. This is mom’s favorite. At this time she is beyond unbelievable earthly destruction.  Past the Van Allen radiation belt. A little mystery.

First Song.

Deep Purple

Next Song for today is from the first Heavy Metal Rock band. Oh yes it is fucker. Cause Charlie Tuna said so. (RIP) Who’s Next is a reasonable question!

 Getting In Tune.

Last song for today or forever or tomorrow is Dedicated to Kira Roessler and her Academy Awards Success which I feel has nothing to do with this song or this fucking band in particular… thank GODDESS she moved on..!!

you have heard the songs all before and you will hear the songs again… so what the fuck…Mr. Fuck’s finger does not lie.

Mr Shit from Flopside Comics
Mr. Shit approves of this place… yet he does not have a clue about anything…