Slowly hating August as it comes.

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The sun let’s go slowly each night.

Jupiter appears all of a sudden in the twilight.

In the distance dark tree leaves shimmer in between as light twilight flows as a river; breathing, dancing moving as the sun dies this day.

“Hello Jupiter!” All reflected down below in a common blue pool.


A new light next to Jupiter silently sustains in the twilight sky.

Opening slowly a pulling glow. It is gone.

No trail, no sound to its presence there.

Just in the remembrance here.

2 thoughts on “Slowly hating August as it comes.

  1. Oh not I, it is always an underworld experience… the heat of a sweat lodge experience. The only good dead of August is that it leads us into September and then to Autumn…. Yet, maybe this year it will be something better … i will try and be more hopeful of good things.

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