Spirals and circle eights

Cowardice is the lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition, and pain. I think we all have times when we experience this type of behavior. I admire others, and myself, who stand tall and cross the line, regardless. Yet, there are times when cowardice can be a dark projection from others. I think every time we become aware of these feelings we should stop and listen to them. Not do what others say we should do, but what we feel is the right thing to do for us.

Dragon Fly
Watercolor by Hudley

I was in pain. My head ached. I knew my blood pressure was high. I was hot too. Early in the morning I went to the pool. I stood up to my waist in the cool water. I viewed rounded water ripples radiating out from me. The water hit the side of the pool, across from me, and the ripples radiated back to me. What a simple thing to notice this morning. At one time the two ripples rippled and met together, a joining. I am sure there is a mathematical equation that oldest son might know, yet I am happy to just see it as something predictable but unique.

 I viewed a dragonfly flying circle eights over me and then around the pool. Spirals and circle eights over and over again are the dance of the single dragonfly. Then quickly, in the wink of an eye, the dragonfly touched the water with a slight pinch. The dragonfly took just enough water, in moderation, as not to fall into the water. How delicate and beautiful is the dragonfly. Dragonfly did this many times as it danced around the pool.

Even though my head was still in pain, I was instantly refreshed when I dived into the cold water, my cowardice feeling, to not dive into the pool, was overtaken by my own will to feel better. Then as I swam to the other end of the pool, I saw a large dark moth floating dead on the water.

I intuitively still hear the lessons that nature whispers in my heart and especially at that moment. It is time for me to be as the moderate dragonfly. Avoiding the life of an overindulging black moth. There was a time when overindulgence was fun and exciting. Now I shall try to dance spirals and circle eights. A slight pinch or sweet sips from life will have to do.

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