A Gift from Saturn and a Poem for Him

Winged centaur

Invisible sounding hooves

Upon the backyard cement.

Lifted me upon his back

We flew through

The rain, clouds, and satellites

Rounding the earth.

Straight and fast towards

Saturn’s castle

He is to give me a gift.

I have waited upon the words

Of Buffalo yesterday and today.

“Today Saturn will give

You a gift… today today!”

I waited and wondered

Tonight, as I watch the hearth fire

I heard the call towards Saturn

As before …

I rode over frozen land

Blue ice and white paths

Overall, we flew

centaur’s wings outstretched

Gracefully I slip off the centaur.

I walked towards the big door

Dark but when opened

Filled with light and beings

Those who lived there

Those who were visiting like me.

An earthling’s visits are often short

Saturn, I found

Up the golden spiral staircase.

Waiting with a smile

And comfortable charm.

Saturn gave me a gift

A green box

Asking me

Not to open it now.

Wait until I am home

And place it over the fire

On your hearth,

The gift will reveal

Itself to you.

My journey home was fast

I made a space upon my hearth

Above the fire

Then turning to look out the window.

The wet outdoors

From a cold rain

Found me hoping

For a drop of cymene.

Of the ascending centaur

Glissading and glistening

Away from my soul through the rain

Under a full peeking moon.

Saturn told me

To write a poem about the green box

A gift from him

And so, I have.

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